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Oil in my 993 (Opinions please)

richard sack

New member
4 May 2004
I think that I need to put oil in my 993. I noticed last night that as I drive the needle drops below the red mark. And when I stop the car say @ traffic lights the needle goes jst above the red mark i.e @ the bottom of the oil level indicator just in the wjite. Does this mean that I need to put oil in...

Apologies for the naivety of the question but i haven't owned it long.

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Your car should come with a manual which explains the oil level checking procedure.

The oil needs to be hot (normal running temp.), the car on a level surface and engine running, ticking over for about a minute or more. Then observe the gauge on the dashboard. For a more accurate reading, check the level on the dipstick - still under the conditions as described above.

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Sounds like you may need a little. This is more complex than other cars but search these forums because this has been discussed many times before. Importantly, make sure you do not overfill - if you overfill the oil you will blow a seal or something, if you underfill it a bit, it should still have around 10 litres so it is still really ok -

Briefly, to check oil level :

The engine needs to be hot, full operating temperature, idling on a flat surface.

The oil level gague should be horizontal, or check the dipstick.


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It is VERY Very important to check regularly with a 911.

It will use oil more than you are used to with other cars!

Its a dry sump system - thats why the guage only shows correct reading when oil is hot and engine has been ticking over for at least 2 minutes.

NEVER check the oil when the engine is cold and has not run for a good distance!

Run engine for 10 to 20 miles to get the oil hot.

Park the car on level ground and leave the engine running for at least 2 minutes.

Take out the dipstick (leave the engine running) and check that the oil level is between the marks.

1 and a half liters to completely top up if its at the bottom mark. Do this half a liter at a time and recheck level after a couple of minutes. NEVER overfill. Better to be at three quarters level for safety.

Carry a liter of oil with you at all times.

Oil usage depends on car usage - fast, slow, traffic and temperature etc. Typically up to 1 litre per 1000 miles but can be more or less!

Use Mobile1 fully synthetic. Always! dont be tempted to top up with anything else.

Then enjoy the car !!!

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exactly as stevo puts it... I made the total rookie mistake when I first got my car and overfilled as the needle was showing empty... ... :?
when the car was cold.. I didnt know the 911 way !

so when it had finaly warmed up to level was off the scale :eek:
I was lucky not to damage the engine......

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Its as everyone says but be aware that the oil in the 911 air-cooled engine is also responsible for dissipating heat. That, as well as the obvious reason, is why it MUST be checked regularly.

If the oil gauge gives a low reading then stop and check it as soon as. The proceedure is as above and is written on a label in the engine compartment as well as the owners guide.

And don't put your faith in the dash board gauge. The oil could be on the move when you are driving or the sender even faulty, which was the case with a car I road tested (gently fortunately).

Check it regularly as suggested above and I'm sure the car will give many miles of worry free motoring.

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Regarding Mobil1 fully synthetic

I did post a message a few weeks ago about this, but Mobil seem to have started a little game of confusing the market with their 0-40w oil. I always use this in my car, but inadvertently purchased some which had Turbo Diesel stated on the front of the container.

In the past I've used this oil for both the 993 and my diesel BMW, but this is the first time I'd noticed the change in labelling. Although I believed this must have been a marketing ploy, I wanted to make 100% sure before I put oil labelled as being for a diesel car in my 993. So I contacted Mobil who confirmed that they are selling the oil with two different packaging although the oil inside is exactly the same. :)

The reason why I was pretty sure this would be the case is that on the back of the container it stated which cars it was approved for and one of them was Porsche and as we all know Porsche have never made a diesel......yet....(God forbid!)

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JZ recommend GTX Magnatech, this is what I use.

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Not forgetting that fully synthetic oil in the supermarkets in France (eg LeClerk) is a fraction of the price in the UK (see my previous posts on this subject) and it will pay for your chunnel fare if you get enough for oil changes and top-ups! Same applies to all auto light bulbs which put Halfords prices to shame.

So you get a weekend in France free... and get to bring back the wine as well.

I feel a chunnel trip coming on....

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