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Porsche Car Insurance

Competitive Porsche Car Insurance Some things are simply a perfect fit. Like your Porsche and Porsche Car Insurance. Protection that is crafted uniquely for Porsche owners to deliver cover that performs as beautifully as your car. Our fully comprehensive insurance comes with a wealth of benefits and advanced features, delivering the service and protection that you and your Porsche deserve.

Porsche Performance Car Insurance

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Your special car deserves a special policy. 911uk.com understands this and has teamed up with high-performance specialist AIB Insurance Services to offer members a bespoke service for all Porsche modern and classic performance motor cars. Having collaborated with AIB for the past few years, we can tell you that these professionals know their stuff and have a refreshing attitude toward insuring Porsche cars. The team at AIB Insurance now offers a discount on their Porsche Performance Insurance policies for all 911uk.com members, showing how committed the AIB Insurance team is to 911uk.com.

  • Agreed value cover
  • Choice of repairer
  • Garage discount
  • Discount for 911uk Members
  • Breakdown cover
  • Limited Mileage policy
  • Bespoke Personal Insurance Service
  • Multi-Car Discount

Porsche Insurance, think 'AIB Insurance'
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The importance of dealing with experienced staff dedicated to the needs of high-performance car owners cannot be overemphasized. Porsche Insurance - think AIB Insurance. This Motor Insurance guide will help you understand car insurance costs and find the right insurance quote for you.

Cover Types

It is illegal to drive in the UK without insurance, and therefore the minimum standard of cover you can take out is 'third party', which covers you for liability to other parties. Next comes 'third party fire and theft' which will also pay out if your vehicle is stolen or set on fire, neither of which are recommended for insuring your Porsche.

A fully comprehensive car insurance policy is the minimum level of Car Insurance cover that you should consider for your Porsche. It will pay-out for all of the areas covered above and critically paying for any damage to your own vehicle regardless of who caused the accident. It also covers loss of, or damage to, personal effects in the car.

The actual level of insurance cover and benefits vary between individual car insurance companies. Benefits that may incur an extra cost typically include a courtesy car, free cover for driving in Europe and legal aid when the accident is not your fault.

Insurance cost

There are a lot of factors that determine your insurance cost, as well as the type of benefits that are right for you, which all have an implication on cost.

  • Age - Younger drivers and learner drivers are less experienced and therefore considered more likely to be involved in an accident. Any drivers aged under 25 insuring a Porsche will unsurprisingly be liable to receive an high insurance quote.
  • Sex - Most companies offer lower premiums for women, who statistics have proven are involved in fewer accidents than men. Adding ones partner to the policy of your Porsche may actually lower your insurance premium.
  • Vehicle Cost - As this increases so will your expected premium. A policy can be either based on market value or an agreed valuation, the latter is recommended for your Porsche where possible, as market value does not always equate to replacement value.
  • Insurance Group - No surprise that every Porsche features in the highest general car insurance group rating of 20, as a result the starting quote will be high. Group 20 reflects not just the value of the car but the high performance nature of your Porsche, potential repairs costs and its mechanical complexity. Porsche parts as we know are not cheap.
  • Engine size - The more powerful the car the more likely it is to be involved in a high-speed accident. So a typical Porsche may have a 3.6 litre engine which is already a large specification.
  • Vehicle Modifications - For some reason, Insures do not like modified cars, unfortunately the after-market boy racer market has given modified Porsche cars a bad name. Even a simple air filter or replacement exhaust system may load your premium by at least 20%. Therefore a Porsche or performance specialist insurer is recommended who should better understand to apply your policy requirements correctly. It is recommended that your declare all vehicle modification that have a material different to both the visual and mechanical of your Porsche, to ensure you have the right level of cover.
  • How you use your car - Lower mileage means lower premiums, so no surprise there, consider asking for a limited mileage policy.
  • Your occupation - If you are driving as part of your job you are more likely to be involved in an accident than someone who, for example, only drives at weekends. Interestingly airline pilots are supposed to be the lowest risk occupations, but motoring journalists or racing drivers are unsurprisingly high risk.
  • Where you live - Higher density of traffic and higher crime rates can make your car more susceptible to an accident or theft respectively. Having a garage is much better and secure over street parking.
  • Your history - The more accidents you have, the more expensive your cover is likely to be. This includes all license endorsements that you may have received, so the next time you pick up a speeding fine, it will most likely be on your insurance record for at least 3 years.

Getting the best value for money

Benefits available vary between car insurance companies, the cheapest quote that you might have may not necessarily offer the right level of cover. It pays to shop around for the best deal but make sure your insured can cover the liability of your valuable Porsche correctly. The old adage about "you get what you pay for" is never truer than when choosing your insurance cover - make sure that you get the best cover at the best price. At the same time there are ways to reduce your premium and get a more competitive quote:

  • Building up your no claims discount, in some cases a five-year no claims bonus can save you 65% on your premiums.
  • Protecting your no claims discount, although this costs more to insure in the event of an accident you don't lose your no claims discount.
  • Increasing your Excess charge, almost all insurance policies have a 'compulsory excess' with the option of a 'voluntary excess'. This refers to the amount of money you are willing to pay in the event of an accident. The more money you're willing to pay in excess, the lower your premium.

It is certainly worth shopping around every time your insurance renewal is due, he internet has made shopping around easier without the need to wait on call centres. In addition, some insurers will offer as much as a 20% discount to people who buy their car insurance online.

Broadly there are four options available when researching and buying car insurance.

  • Insurance Brokers, still a very effective means of getting the right level of cover for your Porsche, across a host of insures.
  • Direct Insurers, mostly online providers providing generic cover.
  • Branded Providers, established names who have added insurance to their extensive list of products including the likes of Virgin Money, Tesco, Sainsburys.
  • Full Search Provider, including online price comparison sites enabling users to search a selection of the market to return a list of potential car insurance providers that will include insurers, direct insurers, and other brands.

Specialist Porsche Car Insurance. Get a Competitive UK Porsche Car insurance Quote from AIB Car Insurance Today. AIB is a leading UK car insurance intermediary offering competitive car insurance quotes. Get a quote now!

Laid-up Policies

What is a laid-up car insurance policy? Sometimes it is necessary to take a car off the road for a period of time. This is particularly true of classic cars, where major restoration work may be needed. At this time, there would be little point in arranging a full car insurance policy, but some risks still remain. The car could still be stolen or damaged by theft or attempted theft, and it could still suffer from fire damage.

For these reasons some car insurance companies provide laid-up cover. Provided the car is garaged, the company will give a car insurance quote based on the value of the vehicle, and will provide cover as described.

Your Motor Insurance Certificate and Policy

Your motor insurance certificate is often a "shortened" one-page document and is normally accompanied by your insurance policy document (which can often run to many tens of pages). You must study your policy, as this is the document that forms the basis of the contract between you and the Insurance Company. There are many different types of policy wordings/rules (for example, your policy may not cover drivers of your car who are under 25 years old) so make sure that you read it and that you have asked about the policy conditions at the time you take it out.

The Road Traffic Act requires all motorists to be insured against their liability for injuring other people (including passengers) and for damage to other people's property. It is also vital to keep your insurance company up-to-date including vehicle modifications and fixed penalties as it is an offence not to disclose such information and it may affect any claim you make.

Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance provides maximum cover. A car insurance company will normally provide the following as part of a comprehensive motor insurance:

  • Liability for injuries to other people, including passengers
  • Liability for damage to other people's property
  • Liability of passengers for accidents caused by them
  • Liability arising from the use of a trailer (Including a caravan), while attached to the car
  • Fire damage
  • Theft and/or damage caused by theft or attempted theft
  • Accidental damage to your own car
  • Glass in windscreens, sunroofs and windows
  • Personal accident cover - a specified sum is paid in the event of the death or permanent disablement of the policy holder. This cover is sometimes made available to the policyholder's spouse or other family members
  • Medical expenses necessarily incurred up to a limit stated in the policy
  • Loss of or damage to personal effects in the car, up to a specified limit

No Claims Bonus

Most car insurance policies operate a no claims bonus scheme. Each car insurance company will set out in its policy the scale of no claims bonus that will apply. After a policy has run for 5 or more years claim free, a maximum bonus of 60% to 70% will be allowed. At this stage motor insurance companies will often allow bonus to be protected or guaranteed. Cover varies between car insurance companies, but typically the situation will be as follows:

  • Normal no claims bonus - builds up year-on-year unless a claim is made, in which case bonus is reduced by 2 years
  • Protected bonus - car insurance policies allow for up to 3 claims over a specified period before bonus is lost
  • Guaranteed bonus - for an additional premium, bonus can be retained irrespective of how many claims occur

Protected No Claims Bonus

Most car insurance policies operate a no claims bonus scheme. Each car insurance company will set out in its policy the scale of no claims bonus that will apply. After a policy has run for 5 or more years claim free, a maximum bonus of 60% to 70% will be allowed. At this stage motor insurance companies will often allow bonus to be protected. This means that you may make as many as 3 claims over an agreed period (usually 2 years) without any loss of no claims bonus. Without this protection, 2 years of no claims discount will be lost for every claim made.

It should be remembered that no claims bonus can be lost even if a claim is not your fault, e.g. if the car is stolen.

There is a certain element of class and prestige associated with driving a premium vehicle such as a Porsche 911. This iconic vehicle does make a statement about the owner’s style, status and wealth the more expensive and pleasurable to drive the car, the more successful and wealthy the owner is perceived to be. However a premium car such as a 911 comes at a premium price and it’s not just the initial price tag but the ongoing costs such as car insurance especially considering the majority of 911s are in the most expensive group (insurance group 20).

Insurance Options for Porsche 911 Owners

It is mandatory to have car insurance in the UK which comes in three levels however it is highly recommended that you have comprehensive cover especially when driving a Porsche 911.

Almost all variations of the Porsche 911 fall into the highest insurance group as they are considered more of a risk to insure. The reason for this is that in the event of an accident the repair costs will be much higher due to higher parts costs than say a Vauxhall Corsa. In the event that the car is written off it will also cost more to replace. Insurance companies also take the view that high performance cars are more likely to be involved in accidents and are more likely to be stolen by thieves and joy riders thus the hike in car insurance premiums.

As a result of this finding cheap 911 car insurance can be extremely difficult. However 911uk.com have done all the hard work for you and have teamed up with AIB Insurance the Porsche Insurance specialist. AIB insurance will do the shopping around and compare a range of quotes through their specialist network to find the best price for your insurance. One main advantage of using AIB Insurance is that they have specialist insurers on their panels that offer exclusive benefits and because they are accustomed to dealing the needs of high performance cars they may be able to offer special policy benefits and cheaper quotes.

Insurance Tips for Porsche 911 Owners

Which insurance companies cover premium cars such as the Porsche 911?

Most car insurance companies will offer a quote on a 911; however, if you prefer a specialist insurance provider, here are some suggestions:

AIB Porsche Car Insurance: Offers discounts for car club members, considers all vehicle modifications, and provides coverage for club events, track days, and day-to-day usage.

AIB Insurance: Specializes in insurance for sports and performance cars, including Lotus, Aston Martins, Ferraris, and Porsches.

Direct Line: Compares over 450 policies from 30 UK car insurance companies for premium car quotes.

How to reduce premiums for a Porsche 911?

Driving Carefully: Build up a 5-year no claims bonus to earn a discount of up to 70%. Avoid speeding and road offenses to maintain a clean driving record.

GPS Vehicle Tracking: Install GPS tracking for security and potential premium discounts. Some insurers offer pay-as-you-drive options based on tracking data.

How You Use Your Car: Clarify with your insurer the purpose of vehicle use, whether for social, domestic, pleasure, or business. Pay for what you need.

Mileage Limit: Limit mileage to reduce the chance of accidents, resulting in a lower premium.

Security Enhancements: Add extra security features like wheel locks and park your car in a locked garage to reduce premiums.

Pay Annually: If possible, pay the insurance premium upfront to avoid interest charges.

Increase Voluntary Excess: Adjust the excess amount to lower the premium, but ensure it's a comfortable level for you.

The fastest way to save is to shop for car insurance online, as most companies offer their best deals through the Internet. Compare quotes to save time and money.

Specialist Porsche Car Insurance. Get a Competitive UK Porsche Car insurance Quote from AIB Car Insurance Today. AIB is a leading UK car insurance intermediary offering competitive car insurance quotes. Get a quote now!

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    2 Dec 2023
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