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Nice renewal £ !


4 Nov 2012
Just got my renewal through from Adrian Flux - £819 - jokers !

41, 3 points, accident in 2009, live in wiltshire. 10 years NCD.

The site recommended bridle outfit were very professional, vut the best they could do was £595.15.

Got it down to £343.44 with 6000 miles a year through privilege - and no charge for credit cards so even got 2% cashback on my AMEX card :>)

Well happy with that result!
Great "discount" (or at least not a premium rogering) on your premium!
Good job.

Mine was around £380 - and I'm 39 no accidents, full NCD etc.

Insurance prices have certainly dropped recently!
I can't complain either, 28, 8 years NCB and was £430 for the year... Less than my bloody road tax!
Via one of the comparison websites, Swiftcover.

48 years old, full NCD, comp, located in Essex, car sits on drive £188
Touji said:
I can't complain either, 28, 8 years NCB and was £430 for the year... Less than my bloody road tax!

How did you manage this and with who? I am 28 9 year NCD and could only manage £700 at Admiral!
Just renewed mine with Tesco. beat them down to £270 with 10 yrs NCD and protected,8000pa, lives outside on the drive. Being over 50 has it's merits!! :D
madmog said:
Via one of the comparison websites, Swiftcover.

48 years old, full NCD, comp, located in Essex, car sits on drive £188

Do you have a tracker? - Swiftcover would not insure me unless tracker fitted? They said certain cars (and anything over 40k) = tracker and no negotiation - they even lost my business over it
52 with 7 years NCD 8000pa. Mine is up for renewal 1st March and so far the quotes I am getting £450-£500 have a compulsory excess of £600. Are you all getting these prices with low excess?
Insurance is so tailored around the driver profile, age, history and location and then in the event of a claim, the excess, who you can use for repairs (bob's bodyshop or Lloyds) and valuation in the event of a total loss etc. that I have given up comparing one person's quote to mine.

I use Mannings and have found them very good (not the cheapest - those cheap quotes are on comparison sites). I can use Porsche OPC for windscreen as opposed to autoglass, use any repairer (including Lloyds) and genuine Porsche original panels (not pattern or after-market ones), have a bolt-on breakdown cover policy just for the Porsche (extra cost) and includes European Cover, Track days (though I have not and will not track my car ever), an agreed valuation valid for 2 years as long as the mileage limit is not exceeded or changed in that duration and a £500 excess. My mileage limit is 5k miles per annum which I elected.

It really is a matter of "you get what you pay for". So a meaningful comparison between premiums is only meaningful once all these dimensions are taken into account.

I just dont get where they get the figures from.

996TT no traker 46yrs old 9yrs ncd 4000 miles a year on a B63 10 miles out side Birmingham post code with Churchill £304.

So how does it all work.

Ive just done my moms Suzuki swift 1.5 auto full ncd and she is 83. Her quote through M&S who use AXA £560 a bit high but through a comparison site guess what AXA direct all exactly the same £400 its all just mad.
The factors determining premiums vary from one insurer to the next.
Age, occupation, other drivers, where the vehicle is kept, annual mileage, your address and crime history for the postcode, previous claims etc etc are all common material facts that determine your premium almost as much as the vehicle to be covered. You can then adjust your premium by altering the excess..
In the event of a claim a £300 policy with a £1000 excess no longer appears such a bargain.

An 83 year old woman will be viewed by the underwriters as high risk, with a high probability of accident occurring due to ailing health.

Insurance underwriting is based on statistics and marketing, so you will also see premiums vary at different times of the month, dependant upon how the sales targets are doing.
You never truly appreciate the value of your Insurance until you come to make a claim, hopefully you never have to, but only then do you realise that you do get what you pay for.
Always read the small print.
If you are using a price comparison site then try and change some of the options. It is £50 cheaper to have my car parked in the street in my London post code than it is to park it in my garage attached to the house.

Just doesn't make sense to me. So I told them I keep it on the street but always leave it tucked up in the garage.

My last renewal was £215 for fully comp. 996 4S 2004.

41 yrs young, kept on driveway, 6000 miles a year, full NCD, protected, £250 excess.

That was a multicar policy on the back of 'er indoors policy with Admiral.
Normally I wouldn't touch a multicar as they are a PITA to administer, but that was the cheapest price I had ever had so I snapped it up!
Mmmm, think I need to shop about when mine is due! :evil:

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