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993 RS (?) Carrea


28 Jan 2003
There is an interesting 993 for sale on Ebay. I have contacted the seller regarding the non-availability of the RS in 1994, this was his reply:

"Thanks for your comments this car is a bit of a rare car and I am explaining to everyone interested in buying it the facts of where it vame from etc. Porsche UK have confirmed that this car was a prototype before the release of the RS in the UK."


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Nick I asked him if it was a genuine RS and he said:

"It is a 993 that someone has spent thousands on it says RS in the log bookbut if it was a light weight RS it would be £60,000 not £30,000 but I canassure you it is stunning. It has only the 1 service history but hasdefinatley been well maintained from new."

The car is an import so it must have been reregistered on arrival in the UK. I once bought a 1986 944 Turbo that had been reregistered as a Turbo S on entering the U.K. They didnt make a turbo S in 1986. I also saw a speedster kit car once registered as a Porsche because it was an import.

So if anybody is interested, be very careful and check the chassis number out with Porsche, It is very underpriced if it is genuine and if it really was a factory prototype it would be more expensive than a standard RS.

(You dont want to end up paying 30K for a kitted carrera 2 with no history)


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It is RHD so it's seems a good price for C2. I'm not after the car but the price sprang out at me on Ebay

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That's what Peter Morgan's book say as well.

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It seems we were no the only ones with reservations, The auction ended at £29000 with reserve not met..

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Even if someone had bought it they could quite easily have walked away as the item wasnt represented fairly.

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I own a (real) RS. I saw this car on ebay a few days ago and knew it wasn't a real one:

- you're right - they didn't make the RS in 1994

- it has headlamp washers - these were deleted on the RS (save weight!)

- ditto the sunroof you can just about see

- the wheels aren't real RS Speedlines (don't ask me how I can tell!)

- the sills are painted silver. My RS is silver, but the bolt on sill extensions on the RS are black

I'm sure there must be more. As to the 340 BHP advertised, a stock RS is 300, and it is actually pretty difficult to get to 340 BHP short of spending some serious money. Believe me, I have investigated!


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Agreed with Zubin. First the chassis no. is not that of an RS and all the comments made are correct.

I'll be getting one sooooooooon!!!


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