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993 finally sorted


7 Apr 2008
its taken me 6 years to finally get my car how i wanted . a long and exspensive process . i first saw my car on pure gt I knew the owner . he also owned a ford GT and a fantastic blue flame spitting RSR id wanted a 993 for many years and this was a good price low milage car . a couple of issues . he put a new steering rack on and air con pump . it was LHD which he owned in north carolina . and bought it back to England . when changing work . the list is long . i removed the turbo twists (to heavy) and replaced with 18, porsche bbs alloys (very light) ps 4,s . then sorted out the check strap . it already had the mo30 sport option shocks so had some Ebach pro sport springs RS engine mounts .new bushes and set up by chris at center of gravity . also tuned by wayne schofeild 296 bhp . i was never fully happy with the gearbox . and needed new plugs and leads . so this year i bit the bullet sent my car to county classics racing a good freind of mine Ian gorham . then removed the engine and gearbox . there was a couple of oil leeks one from the actuator flap on the varioram and cam cover gaskets all sorted . gravesend gearboxes came back with a report that i need 1st 2nd and 3rd synros and my planetry gears were buggerd weighing up the price from porsche for the bits it was nearly as espensive as a new fit and forget wactrac diff (brilliant bit of kit ) so i went with that option . and the last job was to get rid of my american spec bumper (bumperets) always hated them . so now my car is finally there . initial drive i thought the gearbox was going to be bolt action .its not . i dont think a g50 will ever be . rods will never be the same as cables . ian explained that it is over engineerd but agricultural . so now it is bedded its much better . i saw and advert on Ashgoods website for the same car as mine non varioram (mine is varioram) but low milage 41,000 miles mine has 80,000 . it has now been reserved for £79,995. im not sure the guy paid that price. but they also have a carrea T for 70,000 which i quiet fancy . so that is my delema . do i try and sell my car and buy a T or keep mine . ive never driven a 991 or a 992 Ian says the are massive . and the more i drive my car the more i love it !


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I also forgot braded hoses and rebuilt brake calipers


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Sounds like you’ve been busy. If your using the ashgood car as a barometer of value the mileage (as that would be classed as low mileage premium), RHD (presumably) and dealer sale (presumably not SOR) would make a big difference to value I think ;-)
993 v 991 T is a different world ! you can't really compare 1996 and 2018, it's a person choice

what trade might sells for is not what you car is worth

plus you need of paragraphs in the original post
I suspect that much depends on just how much you wish to be involved in the driving experience as to whether you keep ownership of your 993 or go modern with a 991 or similar...?

Should you prefer a more isolated driving experience I would think modernising might be the way to go, unless you find a manual transmission might be a half way house on the way to PDK..?

I suspect the 993 being of smaller dimensions has potential for more back road fun, though my 991 handles it`s self surprisingly well on the tight back roads in my part of the world given how clever all the on board technology is in keeping it and me out of the ditches...I suspect being a C4S helps to some degree too..But I suspect there can be a world of difference from the involvement I enjoyed decades ago in my 911SC and other air cooled Porsches, than that which I experience in my 991.

Perhaps best to try out some modernity on your favourite roads before giving up on your 993 which if used and enjoyed will ever be a work in progress, though perhaps less potentially troublesome and expensive to maintain than a digitally dependant Porsche in the passage of time...?

My thinking is on the basis that I suspect the more modern a machine compared to one a few decades older , is that it might require to be driven much faster in an attempt to feel quite as involved in the piloting process as one might feel in a machine a few decades less advanced...?

I think myself fortunate to have access to an occasional drive in a pseudo vintage V8 in which I can feel as if I am thundering along while still within the speed limits of interesting B roads, which takes me even further back in time relative to required driver input to keep the old crate on the road while still at road legal speeds...

Just thinking in type in the hope of providing an alternative point of view..

Good luck in your choices.
I’d drive a T before making any decision, I had a 981 Spyder before my 993 and changed because you had to be driving it very fast (on the road) to appreciate it, and driving slower was a bit anodyne, the 993 can be enjoyed at much lower speeds, and if you pick your roads is more fun (to me).
I did test drive a T while I had the Spyder and wasn’t over impressed by the turbo engine (I had planned a trip to Litchfield if purchased) compared to the 3.8 NA in the Spyder.
Solstice, it seems I may not be alone in terms of appreciating the driver involvement levels enjoyed at considerably lower speeds in older Porsches than the latest and greatest from our favourite marque, which although greatly advanced in terms of outright performance, comfort and safety, which was ever the target for every new model, and rightly so... However some aspects of evolution may not be found to work out as well as hoped for some of us.. Perhaps more so as automated speed limit enforcement/fines, has also evolved at a similar pace, leading to ever more track days being made available for those who would like to exercise a bit more potential available in the huge numbers of horses squeezed under the engine lid of more modern machinery...?

But then being a BOF, I perhaps have a different set of priorities on occasion...:ROFLMAO:
Yep, the younger members of our group tend to refer to us as the fuddy duddies 😂
And the Spyder was doing over 80 in 2nd and 110 in 3rd, didn’t leave much scope to make the most of a lovely manual gearbox, particularly when a lot of my favourite roads are 40-80 mph

Its about the experience you are after. Everything is faster than a 993 these days. Every time I drive my 993 it is an occasion. Ditto my 1970's Lotuses. I just do not feel the same way about the modern stuff. Cannot put it into words. Its a feeling. Plus you can work on them more easily than modern computerised marvels.

I am indeed a BOF also I guess.

All the best


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