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993 3.8 upgrade?


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1 Sep 2003
I have read of owners who have got 3.8 engines in their 993s. I assume that this is an engine upgrade to RS spec.

Just out of idle curiosity, what is involved in such a conversion, what are the benefits, and in what ballpark would it it cost?



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Guy I work with hasa 993 4 S with a 3.8. He told me it was a factory option that could be chosen on the S models at time of ordering.

Sorry that doesnt help much does it?

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conversion is expesnive.. £7-10k ? I think...

although those lucky enough to have the upgrade done at the factory.."porkapig" love it..

although if I ever need to do an engine rebuild in about 70k miles time then a 3.8 upgarde may be on the cards as well.......

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£10k plus! then factor in RS clutch and RS flywheel :eek:

Just buy a 993TT

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A desirable factory option. Wish I had it, but wouldn't spend the £££ converting it. Too little HP/£, much better spending the £ on something else. I guess supercharging it cost about the same? RS clutch and flywheel however...ummmm, on my shopping list.

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very expensive as an aftermarket - as sundeep says i have the factory option x51.

mines a bit more of a rarety as its a 3.8 narrow body (nearly all were s bodied)

rs clutch and flywheel have been added since and give a much better driving experience.

if i still have the car in a few years an engine exchange for a TT (financed by the sale of the 3.8) or bolting on a supercharger may be considered - would consider the TT route but i'm not really keen on the tea tray look or 4x4


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what sort of performance increase, ie bhp would you get from a supercharger fella?


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Ninemeister can supercharge virtually anything you show them 'cept turbo's of course.

Colin knows what he is doing too, mega experienced and no bulls**t.

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Hey Algray- I have an Arena red Targa too!

Top colour IMHO...


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Robert....I must agree with you, best colour IMO, and to top it off a Targa as well, good to know I'm not the only Arena Red Targa on this Forum :D


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It always fascinates me how much time people spend bleating that they want "morr powah, n'that", and then when they hear of how much (according to my research) a real pro and expert costs, viz. Colin Belton/Ninemeister, they baulk, and want a slap on turbo, supercharger "wotevah'".

Which bit of "you get naut for naut" dont these people understand?

good engineering cost money; a very long time spent in f1 has taught me that,

To put it simply...Mayfair escort web site and Dockside slapper...£300 an hour....£10 in the back of a B reg Cortina....nowatta mean. darren/kevin/wayne....

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