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PDK wheel buttons, paddles or Techart upgrade.....


18 Mar 2009
I have the dreaded PDK buttons, (multi function wheel) in my new 991 and really want paddles (doesn't everyone)?

However, I do like the utility of the multi functional wheel, so I searched around the interweb and found this by Techart: http://www.techart.de/fileadmin/content/pic/PDF/PI/000.991.626.185_PI_Lenkraeder090909.pdf

In a nutshell they can upgrade your buttons to paddles and change the layout to right pull for up and left pull for down.

Has anyone done this? Is it good? How does it compare to the Sports Design wheel from Porsche?


All depends on price in my opinion. I got the sport design wheel and find controls very easy to use as the PCM main screen is not too far away. You can retrofit the sport design wheel for about £1000 but see if the OPC can do you a deal. Then when you sell put the multifunction wheel back on as you will easily be able to sell the sport design wheel.

Also not sure how it would effect the warranty if you get the techart wheel.

My car was in for some warranty work last week and i got to try a panamera with the multifunction wheel and it was quite confusing at the beginning to work out how the shifting worked. I much prefer the sport design wheel
Funny you should say that.

After much deliberation I decided that I didn't want to risk putting a non-porsche part onto my car. So I will go the way of Sports Design however, I am waiting for the GT3 wheel to be made available. It has 50% less paddle travel than the normal one. I think that might be a winner.....

When I got my 997 PDK I really wanted, and searched for, paddle shifters. The first PDK I drove with the standard buttons amazed me. They were really easy to use. I actually preferred them in the end to the paddle shifters which have quite a long throw compared to those fitted in other makes of car I've driven e.g. Jaguar and BMW. I guess its horses for courses but I wouldn't give up on keeping what you've got for a while and see if you can grow to love them.

I ended up buying a car with the paddle shifters as the rest of the spec was what I was after! I'll be having the standard buttons with the multifunction wheel in my 991 when I've saved up the pennies!
I haven't got the wiring for the multi-function bit. I checked when I bought the car. I'm also intrigued by the GT3 one with shorter paddle travel.
No one knows for sure yet if the GT3 wheel will fit a no GT car, but once a GT3 arrives at my OPC they will let me know....

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