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Now official, the £64k 3.8 litre 385hp Porsche Cayman GT4


8 Nov 2008
An exciting first look at what could be Porsche's best car in 2015

The Porsche Cayman GT4 is perhaps the most anticipated new performance car of 2015, by evo magazine.co.uk




Why? Simply because this is the car that should finally demonstrate the full potential of the brilliant Cayman mid-engined chassis. Up until now there's always been a suspicion that Porsche's mid-engined sportscar has been held back to avoid embarrassing the 911, but with the GT4 all that hierarchical baggage seems to have been discarded.

Porsche Microsite http://www.porsche.com/microsite/cayman-gt4/uk.aspx

Video by EVO:

Developed by Porsche Motorsport – the same engineers who've given the stunning line of 911 GT3s, the mad GT2 RS and, of course, the RSR racecars – and benefiting from a host of 991 GT3 components, the Cayman GT4 is a mouth-watering proposition.

The headlines you need to know are as follows: 3.8-litre flat-six from the Carrera S developing 380bhp at 7400 and 310lb ft from 4750rpm-6000rpm, 1340kg, 6-speed manual gearbox only (although PDK may be offered in future), GT3 front suspension components, GT3-spec brakes, much improved aero that delivers similar downforce to the GT3 and a promise that the GT4 puts fun and involvement ahead of everything else.

Andreas Preuninger, Head of GT cars, is positively beaming about Porsche's new baby: 'This is a completely new concept for the Cayman,' he says, 'and because we don't have any real rivals we've been able to concentrate on fun driving dynamics rather than target certain lap times or acceleration figures.' That said, the GT4 hits 183mph, 0-62mph in 4.4-seconds and will lap the 'Ring in 7-minutes 40 seconds.

Oh, and the best bit. The Cayman GT4 will cost from £64,451. With all that GT3 hardware and a Carrera S engine. If you haven't already got one of these cars on order, then be prepared for a long wait or to pay a hefty premium.




The GT4 borrows the 3.8-litre flat-six from the Carrera S but with a unique tune by Porsche Motorsport and a redline of 7800rpm. Power is 380bhp at 7400rpm and there's a strong 310lb ft available from 4750rpm-6000rpm. However, Preuninger has a twinkle in his eye when he tells us, 'It's 385 but it's GT horsepower so it's at least 385bhp at an elevation of 10,000-feet or 40-degrees celsius... I'm kidding you but we're always conservative about our figures. 385ish... but it feels more.' The engine isn't dry-sumped like the GT3 engine but Porsche claim that even under extreme duress on the circuit that oil starvation will not be an issue.


'Since the 991 GT3 came out there was a lot of clientele that wanted to shift manually, to get involved. They don't care too much about the last tenth. We listened to them,' begins Preuninger when explaining why the Cayman GT4 goes back to basics with a 6-speed manual 'box.

'It's about emotion, about being involved and having a car that talks to you and this is what we've combined with a very, very competent track capable car.' Sounds good to us. The GT4 retains the gearing of the Cayman GTS – which we found to be very tall at eCOTY – but with considerably more torque Porsche claim it pulls the gears very convincingly indeed.

Even so, we'd love to have seen shorter ratios to enjoy that 7800rpm redline as often as possible. The GT4 also has unique software for the automatic downshift blip. Like other Porsches with a manual gearbox the downshift-blip doesn't function when PSM is fully disabled, giving complete responsibility to the driver. We like that. The GT4 also has a new dual-mass flywheel that's almost as light as a single-mass item, according to Preuninger.




This is where things get pretty trick. The Cayman GT4's front suspension is borrowed almost entirely from the GT3. It utilises forged aluminium split wishbones so shims can be added for those looking for a pure track camber set-up, the same aluminium inverted dampers from the GT3 and 45Nm front springs (the rears are 80Nm) – a little less aggressive than the GT3. The roll-bars adjust between three settings and again are shared with its big brother.

At the rear it's almost all-new, again with aluminium wishbones and also height adjustable dampers and a helper spring. The GT4 also has a mechanical limited-slip differential – not an e-diff as on the GT3, but it does have the Torque Vectoring system that brakes an inside wheel to reduce understeer. The Cayman GT4 also does without the rear-wheel steer function of its big brother.

Electronically adjustable PASM dampers offer two modes – Normal and Sport. Lots of work has also been done on the electric power steering system. The new software tune is said to offer even more precision and feel than that of the GT3... In fact Porsche are pretty excited about the steering feel delivered, which we really look forward to sampling.

The GT3 does have a great electric steering system but it's still lost the intimacy and detail of the old hydraulic set-up. If the GT4 can bring back some of that texture and nuance it could be a step change for these types of set-ups. The GT4 also comes as standard with Dynamic Engine Mounts.

The GT4's 20-inch wheels are forged and look similar to the GT3's but they're not centre locks. The hubs are taken from the 991 Turbo. Tyres are Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s, 245-section at the fronts (the same as the GT3) and unique 295s for the rear. Overall the car is 30mm lower than a standard Cayman.




'Our target was to have a zero lift car,' explains Preuninger. 'But we ended up having as much downforce as the GT3, so around 100kg at top speed. That's quite substantial and you really feel it.'


No messing around here. The GT4 uses exactly the same set-up as the GT3. So that's 380mm discs and 6-piston calipers at the front and 380mm discs with four-piston calipers at the rear. PCCB carbon-ceramic brakes are an option with vast 410mm discs. 'I would say it's gently over-engineered,' quips Preuninger with a smile. Considering that the Cayman is 90kg lighter than the GT3 we're pretty confident that stopping power won't be an issue!

Performance data and 0-60 times

The GT4 might not be a car that will be defined by numbers but that's not to say it's not searingly quick. Porsche claim 0-62mph in 4.4-seconds and a top speed of 183mph. The Nürburgring lap time isn't fully optimised yet but Porsche are claiming a 7:40. It might even sneak under that when the final time is set in April.


Like the 991 GT3 before it, the GT4 seems a bit of a bargain. This car has plenty of GT3 underneath (£100,540), a Carrera S 3.8-litre engine (£83,545) yet it's lighter than both, has superb aero balance and every little detail has been tweaked by Porsche Motorsport – even stuff like the wheel wells and wing mirrors. Yet it costs from just £64,451. Although you might want the optional carbon fibre seats. The Clubsport package (which includes a fitted half cage, you get the front bits should you want to fit them and go the whole hog) is £2670. Just do it.


The Cayman GT4 is powered by a mid-mounted, 3.8-litre flat-six engine with 385 hp / 380 bhp (283 kW), which is derived from the 911 Carrera S engine. Its power is transmitted by a standard six-speed manual gearbox with dynamic gearbox mounts - there is no PDK transmission option.

Official Press Release

The benchmark in its class: the Porsche Cayman GT4

The new member of the Porsche GT family is the Cayman GT4. This is the first time Porsche is introducing a GT sports car based on the Cayman which has components of the 911 GT3. A lap time of 7 minutes and 40 seconds on the North Loop of the Nürburgring positions the Cayman GT4 as the new benchmark at the top of its market segment. It also makes a clear statement that Porsche will continue to promote radical two-door sports cars in the future – sports cars that are developed at the Motorsport department in Weissach.

The engine, chassis, brakes and aerodynamic design of the Cayman GT4 are configured for maximum driving dynamics; yet the top model still retains the versatility and everyday utility that are typical of the two-seat Porsche coupe. It is powered by a 3.8-litre flat-six engine with 385 hp (283 kW), which is derived from the 911 Carrera S engine. Its power is always transmitted by a six-speed manual gearbox with dynamic gearbox mounts. The Cayman GT4 accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds; its top speed is 295 km/h. The car's NEDC fuel consumption is 10.3 l/100 km. The chassis – which features a 30 mm lower body position and a generously sized brake system – consists nearly entirely of components from the 911 GT3.

Fit for the circuit race track: first Porsche Cayman with downforce at both axles

On its exterior, the Cayman GT4 is clearly differentiated from related mid-engine coupes. Three distinctive inlet openings at the front and a large fixed rear wing are part of an aerodynamic package which is systematically designed for downforce. Upon request, the Cayman GT4 can be equipped even more comprehensively for sporty use. Options include the PCCB ceramic brake system, full shell seats made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), a custom Sport Chrono Package with the unique Track Precision app and a Club Sport Package.

The interior of the Cayman GT4 is designed so that the driver and front passenger can experience unfiltered driving enjoyment. They sit on sport seats, upholstered in a combination of leather and Alcantara, which are distinguished by very good lateral support. The new GT4 sport steering wheel guarantees ideal control and direct steering feedback due to its compact dimensions.

Technical aspects of the new GT sports car are based on the 911 GT3. As a mid-engine sports car and a prime example of driving dynamics in its class – it follows the conceptual tradition of such cars as the 904 GTS, 911 GT1, Carrera GT and 918 Spyder.

GT sports cars from Porsche embody the most passionate connection possible between everyday driving and the race track and thereby the sporty core of the brand: Intelligent Performance. Four out of five drivers of Porsche sports cars with this classification also use them on the race track.

The Cayman GT4 goes on sale in Porsche Centres in the UK and Ireland today priced from £64,451, and will celebrate its world premiere in March at the Geneva International Motor Show. First customer deliveries are scheduled for the end of March.


What's it like having a car named after you :?:
I guess it's got to be silver (titanium)

1) it's a C4
2) it would look better on black (schwartz)
Are they going to do a soft top version, cause I want one ? :drive: :coat:
That looks fantastic, I think they might have hit just the right spot in terms of specification and price for a fantastic drivers car.

Wow. What a beautiful looking car!

When are the first orders expected to hit the road? Sorry if I missed it.

Is there a limited production number?
MisterCorn said:
That looks fantastic, I think they might have hit just the right spot in terms of specification and price for a fantastic drivers car.



It ticks many, many boxes.

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