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My 2011 987-2 Boxster Black Edition


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20 Aug 2012
Edit to add relevent document download links:


2011 987 Porsche Boxster - Black Edition Brochure - UK

2011 987 Porsche Boxster - Black Edition Price List - UK

2010 987 Porsche Boxster - Brochure - UK

2011 987 Porsche Boxster - Exclusive Brochure - UK

Owners Handbook:

2009 987 Porsche Boxste - Owners Manual - USA

Service and Technical Information:

2009 987 Porsche Boxster Cayman - Service and Technical Information SIT

2009 987-2 Porsche Boxster - PET (July 2019)
nb can be downloaded direct from Porsche Classic (for latest version) from Click Here

So now that the cat is out of the bag :grin: its time to start another ownership journal :thumb:

Brief background, I've recently sold my immaculate 981 Boxster GTS back to porsche. It was for 2.5 years simply one of the best cars I have ever driven. The emotion of driving them is hard to even match even when you consider super car territory. As a package it was perfect.......... that was the problem :dont know: .... for me it was not a perfect hobby car, it was too good, too clean.....there was simply nothing I could do but drive it whenever I got the chance. Thats not a hobby car to me :hand:

A hobby car needs to be more than just a driving machine, it has to allow you to get personal, to add something of yourself to it, to put something into it. The 981 was just too new and too good out of the box to allow that.

So it went, 2 weeks ago and left a massive void to be filled.

So I settled down to the long haul, the joy of searching for the next car (I'm being serious, I genuinely enjoy the hunt)....... it took me 2 weeks :floor:

Part of that was helped of course as one of my criteria was to stay porsche (I really could not identify anything better to meet my needs) and of course its a brand I know well. The rest was fate ie the right car at the right time.

So my logic......

- I need a convertible in my life
- I wanted to stay Porsche
- I could not get another 981 after having one of the best of the bunch IMHO
- I could not get a (less than) normal 718, simply due to the awful engine :roll:
- I can't get a 718 Spyder anytime soon and even then would have to pay overs which I refuse to do
- A 911 has to be coupe for me
- So that meant looking backwards.......
- I don't need another air cooled in the garage
- I still can't live with a 986 interior
- I could not live with the worries of a 987-1

So that left only one choice, easy really........it had to be a 987-2

After driving quite a few over the past 2 weeks (as it was one model I had never driven before) I decided I wanted to go back to manual, the PDK-1 which was launched with the 987-2 is just now where near as sharp or quick as in the 981GTS and each time I test drove one, even with Sport Chrono it just frustrated the hell out of me (makes me realise just how good the PDK was in the 981).....

So my basic search was for a car with....

- manual
- 3.4S
- Sport Chrono
- PSE (did nobody ever spec that on a 987, it is simply awesome)
- Nav (I know its old and my phone can do better but the nav unit just looks better and most have it so why get one without)
- Sport Steering wheel (still one of the best steering wheels you can get)
- Full leather (yes it does make a difference)
- 'nice wheels"
- PASM (its shocking in sport mode but I can get that plug in module thingy to sort it
- Heated seats
- full climate (yes lots of them don;t have it lol)

So common as muck, not.

OK some of them can be retrofitted but at a cost. I'm after a cheapish toy I can play with........I was not looking for a garage queen, just a good honest, well specced car for a decent price. I even decided I wanted mileage to ideally be between 40-60k so I was not worried about putting miles on and no reason not to drive it :roll:

I nearly pulled the trigger on a £6k underpriced early 987-2 well specced PDK last week (price matched wrongly to 987-1 cars by a large generic dealership chain) but I decided I could not live with the PDK and so value lost out (I could have flipped it for an easy £2k profit), it sold the day after I pulled out. It did convince me manual was the right decision though :drive:

Then fate stepped in. A special edition Black Edition sold a week or so ago, then came back up for sale. It had a dreamy spec but high end of the mileage scale for me (63k). I decided to go and see it.

First impression was it was not prepped to OPC / good porsche indy standards, I sniffed a bargain though......
The little easy to fix things that get neglected but put off potential purchasers where there ie black shows off all the swirls, especially under showroom lighting but (with paint thickness meter to hand) it was all original factory apart from front bumper refresh. It was simply an 8 year old car with 60k miles that needs some TLC to the paintwork, plenty of scope for that on original paint thickness.
The wheel hubs are rusty, the wheel bolts rusty, all easy fixes but look naff in the showroom. The wheels (very expensive 987 spyder wheels) where freshly refreshed to a good standard and where shed in N rated tyres. These where newish but pre dealership and always a good sign that the previous owner did not skimp on maintenance.
The interior shows the miles on the drivers seat, again scope for that to be addressed but the rest is immaculate. You had to see under the layer of age that just builds up over time and a quick clean won't remove but I can tell its in great condition in there. It has the full leather pack which is rare but makes a massive difference to the interior. Opportunity knocking to get the interior factory fresh just with some TLC and drivers seat bolster refresh.
Otherwise the car is spot on, genuine.
This was all confirmed by the comprehensive history folder I was left for an hour to mull through. So many dealerships bin these know due to GDPR privacy rules but every document had carefully been depersonalised with ownership details being marked out and then retained.
The car has the perfect provenance for its mileage. It was bought where Zingari lives in an affluent part of the North West, I knew things where looking up :grin:
The 987-2 S cars had the then new DFI engines fitted which require 2 year / 20,000 mile servicing. This car had done >40,000 miles in two years, serviced by OPC wilmslow annually based on mileage, perfect. All the signs of a real car nut based on the spec and use as a daily for the first couple of years of its life. The rest of its life has shown a nice spread of mileage ie constant use but not excessive. It retained a perfect OPC and known indy history (autofarm). Included in the history file was a full Autofarm report from 2 years / 10,000 miles ago. The selling dealership, depsite having their own mechanics had sent the car to the local OPC for a service. All in all a perfect provenance for an 8 year old 60k mile car.

So out we went for a test drive.......

Just lovely, the gearbox compared to the PDK was night and day, the sound with PES, it simply has the 981GTS DNA. The Black Editions also got the 987 Spyder power boost. Just like a 981GTS the mapping just feels different, its not just about a few extra BHP. I was concentrating on not smiling too much with the salesman :grin:

Then it went horribly wrong :eek: ..... Check engine light and lumpy engine. We pulled the car over, turned it off and restarted. The lumpyness remained. Now I had already seen that the car had a spark plug change whilst at the OPC service the week before and I knew these engines are very reliable and that a common problem now that they are getting older are failing coil packs.... it just hit me stright away that this felt like a simple coil pack failure.

The car got recovered and the sensible head on me said leave it until its sorted...... so I drove home


I left it 2 days and called them. The car had passed a compression test with flying colours, they where waiting for replacement coil packs....... I arranged to visit again to see the car.

I knew the car had sold the week before and come back up for sale. A recent MOT confirmed the story (ie they would have MOT'd it as their policy is to sell with a full 12 month MOT on the car). I got the full story out of them, the car had sold to a gentleman who pulled out when due for collection as he wanted new brakes fitted and they would not agree (the brakes are fine for another year at least, they just look crap due to the hubs and rusty wheel bolts / faded porsche crests don;t help).
I was a cash buyer, they had a car with a problem, they wanted rid :grin: I went for the jugular :bandit: Now at the end of the day they where not going to give it away but 1 hour of hard negotiating, escalting to the main manager got us to where I needed to be :judge:

So the car was paid for on condition that the engine issue is sorted.

I don't have it yet, so things can still go wrong :wack: but I couldn't wait to let the cat out the bag, it takes a lot now for an old(ish) codger like me to get excited about a car, especially one thats 8 years old and has £60k miles on it, but it just feels right whereas something about the 981GTS as a hobby car did not.

So this is whats joining the 993 in the hobby stable (hopefully next week)......













So what is a 987 "Black Edition"......

Well it was a "run out" of the 987 Boxster, a last hurrah before the introduction of the 981...... but with the same engine (more power than a 981 S and only 5 BHP less than the 981 GTS) :wink:

It has lots of options fitted as standard, combining the rently introduced Comfort, Infotainment and Design packages with some bespoke black themed trim and a power boost to the Spyder engines (from 310BHP to 320BHP) and those gorgeous spyder wheels in body colour paint.

To me it set the scene for the GTS special edition theme of the 981 ie a 987 GTS in lots of respects.....

What it did lack compared to the 981GTS was the best options ie :
- Sport Chrono
- Sports Seats
- Full leather
- BOSE sound system

Those had to be specced by the first owner.... :grin:

The problem is unlike the 981GTS most 987 Black Editions do not have this holy grail spec as it was not standard..... this car has them and was ultimately the deciding factor in me pulling the trigger so quickly, I don't know how many black editions have this spec but I'm betting not many and I think there where <50 manual RHD cars sold :eek:

The full spec list for the car...


and the mileage history compiled from maintenance and MOT records....

The Offical Porsche Press release from the time:


a copy below with some info added on the comfort, infotainment and design packs included....

Only 987 cars: Boxster S Black Edition with comprehensive range of equipment
Limited special edition with 320 hp

Stuttgart. The Porsche Boxster model line has a new luxurious top model in addition to the sporty Boxster Spyder: The Boxster S Black Edition limited to 987 cars. With its 320 hp – ten hp more than the Boxster S – this edition offers a substantially larger range of standard equipment and exclusive special options, all at a very attractive price. The new mid-engined sports car is black all over: Black body, black hood, and black 19 inch Boxster Spyder wheels accentuate the muscular appearance of the top roadster. The Boxster S Black Edition will be launched in March 2011, and in Germany is priced at 63,404 euro including VAT and country-specific equipment.

The colour concept of the Boxster S Black Edition is consistent in every detail. The rear side air intake grilles are painted in black as is the twin tailpipe of the exhaust system. The model lettering painted in black on the rear luggage compartment lid identifies the Black Edition as much as the embossed Black Edition model designation on the side of the fabric hood. The roll-over bars are painted in black, too.

The black line of the exterior is continued in the interior. The stainless steel door entry guards feature the "Black Edition" model lettering in black. The standard Sport Design steering wheel with its double-spoke appeal has a non-slip rim of smooth-finish leather and sporty grips. The trim strips of the dashboard and of shift lever or gear selector are painted in black. The dials on the instrument cluster are black as are the partial leather seats with the Porsche emblem embossed in the headrests. Also available upon request: black leather interior. The limited edition badge on the glove compartment identifies the sports car as a model of the Black Edition.

As a standard, the Boxster S Black Edition features the otherwise optional "Comfort", "Infotainment", and "Design" equipment packages, and therefore comes at a more favourable price than a series model with comparable equipment options. The wind deflector is on board right from the factory as are the anti-dazzle interior and exterior mirrors with integrated rain sensor, cruise control and a climate control system. The Porsche Communication Management (PCM) including navigation module are also standard. In addition, the universal audio interface and mobile phone preparation are available as standard. The Sound Package Plus creates an impressive interior sound experience. The standard Bi-Xenon lights with dynamic cornering lights and LED daytime running lights ensure driving pleasure and safety on dark roads. Upon request, the Boxster S Black Edition can be individualised even further with other options of the Boxster programme. For example, the Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) is an option as well as the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) and the adaptive sports seats with memory function.

The chassis of the Boxster S Black Edition features clear lines with a sporty appeal. A decisive contribution to improve driving dynamics of the limited edition models even further are the tyres size 235/35 ZR 19 front and 265/35 ZR 19 rear on particularly lightweight wheels in the special ten-spoke design of the Boxster Spyder. As is typical for a Boxster, the new top model of the mid-engined sports car with its low centre of gravity as a result of the flat engine reaches an even more impressive level of agility.

A 3.4-litre six-cylinder engine with direct fuel injection, mounted in front of the rear axle of the Boxster S Black Edition, supplies power to the car. Its output is 320 hp – ten hp more than in the Boxster S. The engine reaches its rated power at 7,200 rpm, the Boxster S power pack at 6,400 rpm. Torque of 370 Nm boosted by ten newton metres is availabe at 4,750 rpm.

More output and more power equal more dynamics: The Boxster S Black Edition underpins its leading position by a superior driving performance. With its standard six-speed manual transmission, it accelerates from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.2 seconds, a tenth of a second faster than the Boxster S. The top model reaches its maximum speed at 276 km/h (171.5 mph), outpacing the Boxster S by two kilometres per hour (1.2 mph). The mid-engined sports car is modest only in its thirst for fuel. During the NEDC test cycle, the Boxster S Black Edition contents itself with as much fuel as the Boxster S: 9.8 litres per 100 kilometres (28.82 mpg imp).

To raise dynamics and efficiency even further, the Boxster S Black Edition may alternatively also be fitted with the seven-speed Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK). This will shorten acceleration times from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) to 5.1 seconds, the top speed with PDK is 274 km/h (170.3 mph). In comparison with a manual transmission, an additional speed and an intelligent shifting strategy lower fuel consumption to 9.4 litres per 100 kilometres during the NEDC complete cycle.

The packages "comfort" and "infotainment" include a series of very popular optional extras, which also significantly simplifies the configuration of the vehicle. The package "Comfort" includes climate control, bi-xenon headlights including dynamic cornering lights, cruise control, automatically dipping interior and exterior mirrors, rain sensor, and - in combination with leather seats - embossed Porsche crest on the headrests. With the Boxster and Boxster S comes even to the wind deflector including Drop Box. The package "infotainment" includes the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) inclusive of navigation module, universal audio interface for connecting MP3 players and iPods ®, and the Sound Package Plus. This has the Boxster seven speakers and a total power of 185 watts, the Cayman nine speakers and 235 watts total output. In addition, a CD storage, and includes the Bluetooth mobile phone preparation.

In a new, sporty Boxster and Cayman seem understated look in the outfit of the two "design" packages. A particular highlight is the very light 19-inch wheels on the Boxster Spyder with black lacquered rim-star that can be ordered exclusively for all other Boxster and Cayman models only in the context of the new equipment packages. Also available only in the package, which was blackened twin tailpipes. In addition, includes the "design" package further held in black exterior and interior elements, including the mirrors, the side air intakes, the panel-trim element and the model sign. With the Boxster and Boxster S are also the roll bar painted black.
Can you not get it resprayed yellow? Failing that yellow seatbelts would look immense :thumb:
Have you fitted the steering wheel? transforms the interior.
PDK would have been better.....

mikeluke said:
PDK would have been better.....


:hand: I'd be around the bend before it was in the right gear, nice to get back to some proper engine braking as well :grin:
spongebob squarepants said:
Can you not get it resprayed yellow? Failing that yellow seatbelts would look immense :thumb:
Have you fitted the steering wheel? transforms the interior.

:bye: I don't want it to look like a bumble bee :eek:

The Sports steering wheel was standard on the Black Edition, introduced in the 987/997.2 production run I think. The problem is lots had the multi function wheel fitted as an option/standard and they are ......not as nice :grin:

Its the same wheel as my 981 but without the PDK shifters :thumb: and would have been a must fit option to me on any 987 so saved me c£900 :bandit:
You should have taken Sponge with you as I'm sure he'd have got some new brakes thrown for the price :grin:

First job should be to get the latest map update loaded
Zingari said:
You should have taken Sponge with you as I'm sure he'd have got some new brakes thrown for the price :grin:

First job should be to get the latest map update loaded

:hand: They where only prepared to fit none OEM parts in the own workshop. I would rather have the cash in my pocket so the cost of that c£500 was part of the reduction I secured .........that was the start of it, an hour later ...... I think I had convinced them the car was worthless and they should pay me to take it away :grin: ....... OK I exaggerate but you know you are happy with a price when its much lower than the target you set yourself to achieve :thumb:

Ps I would have taken Sponge but he only knows the Utd way ie inflate the market and buy something you don't need :bandit:
jonttt said:
Zingari said:
You should have taken Sponge with you as I'm sure he'd have got some new brakes thrown for the price :grin:

First job should be to get the latest map update loaded

:hand: They where only prepared to fit none OEM parts in the own workshop. I would rather have the cash in my pocket so the cost of that c£500 was part of the reduction I secured .........that was the start of it, an hour later ...... I think I had convinced them the car was worthless and they should pay me to take it away :grin: ....... OK I exaggerate but you know you are happy with a price when its much lower than the target you set yourself to achieve :thumb:

Ps I would have taken Sponge but he only knows the Utd way ie inflate the market and buy something you don't need :bandit:

Yellow seatbelts, yellow band on the (Alcantara) wheel. YKIMS. Upgrade to Ceramics and bosh the bumblebee is complete. (You can have the seats reupholstered with yellow stitching at a later stage ) :thumb:
Classic! I hate sourcing new cars, keeps me up at night. Looks a peach!

What you trying to say about 986 interiors?
The return of Marty Wild said:
Classic! I hate sourcing new cars, keeps me up at night. Looks a peach!

What you trying to say about 986 interiors?

The windscreens nice :wink:
I have edited my first post on this thread to add relevent documents which can be downloaded - including some hard to get docs which I could not find elsewhere on the internet eg UK Black Edition brochure and Price list (I bought originals to scan in) :)
I have not got the car yet and the modding has started :grin:

One of the "negotiating" points on the car was the fact that the wheel centre caps are "shot" on the car. Now the dealer was well aware of how much these cost to repair as he had been caught out agreeing to replacing them on previous sales when he did not realise how expensive they are. So I agreed to take as is with a notional amount of the reduction based on that.


I knew I could get really good quality none OEM replacements but thought I would see how much OEM where :eek: ...... with that stupid thought out of my head I sourced none OEM :grin:

There is a member on Boxa.net who can provide the crested centre caps for all models and comes recommended so thought I would give him a try...


order placed Friday via Paypal, delivered Monday. Excellent service and excellent quality, whats not to like ....... £19.99 delivered v £££££££££££'s :thumb:



ps I know, I know, the wheel bolts are also shocking, I have plans


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