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Dead fresh air fan

Peter Chase

New member
19 Mar 2003
A few months ago, I improved the heating of my 1979 SC by replacing the dead fan in the engine bay with a working one, supplied second-hand by one of the excellent readers of this forum.

Guess what?! The main fresh air fan now seems to have died. It was a bit intermittent for a while, then there was a worrying electrical burning smell and since then, no ventilation fan. Luckily, it's winter and the heating is still pretty good. But, come summer, I'm going to want ventilation.

Is a dead fan the only likely problem?

How do I get at this fan?

Anyone got a spare working one?

Why, when everything else in the car works really well, do things keep dying in the HVAC?!

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No-one answered my original post, but I thought that this follow-up might help someone. Alternatively, if I'm wrong about anything, please do let me know!

All of the relevant heating ventilation bits seem to be accessible via the front trunk. Remove the carpet and a protective panel and it's all there.


The indicated electrical connector seems to be for the fan. There are four pins, one seeming to be earth, while the others are one for each of the three fan speeds. Using a multimeter, I was able to determine that the power does seem to be getting through to this connector. Therefore, a dead fan does indeed seem to be the diagnosis.

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I wonder whether there may be a Haynes manual for your year of 911. If so, I'm sure it would offer help on your problem. Go to
and do a keyword search.

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