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996 C4 Cab - Rattles and Squeeks

Joe Chambers2

New member
2 May 2005
Hi - Need some advice.

Since putting my hardtop on I noticed some squeeks and rattles which I thought were excessive. Took it into my local porsche centre thinking it would need adjusting and guess what.............?

If you want us to raduce the rattles etc that'll be £1000.00!

This is broken down as follows:

1. Applying teflon tape to the roof and adjusting the windows

2. Replacing the anti-roll bar bushes front and rear

3. top strut mount bearings front and rear

I have an OPC warranty for what its worth - nothing. BUt was told that this does not cover anything that needs adjusting.

Apparently there is nothing wrong with my vehicle, no parts have failed.

I guess I just can't stomach another 1K spend. You see two weeks ago my car went in for a minor service and I ended up with a £1100.00 bill.

Service £300.00 plus header tank replacement and the removal of 3 mice nests........ in the engine compartment??????

Any idea's where I can get some teflon tape, how to apply-it and any other general guidance would be appreciated.


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Whilst its still going to cost what about trying a specialist instead of the OPC? If you are worried re it being relatively new etc and sticking to OPC for servicing fine, but for something like this a specialist such as Northways or JZM or Strasee might be a least worth a phone call to get thiher view of what might work.

Where are you based?

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How come the service didn't pick up the suspension stuff? Mind you, just goes to show that keeping a supercar (well by my standards anyway) in great shape ain't cheap.

Sounds like you could live with the suspension pro tem. Get an indie to make with the teflon (or whatever) for the interior annoyances.

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I live just north of Birmingham as regards the service not picking up the suspension issues, that because there is nothing wrong with the suspension etc.

Its just that over time the rubbers start to harden.


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