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993 heater aircon

Maxy M

Well-known member
24 May 2004
The aircon in my 993 works a treat.

HOWEVER, when some heat is called for, things aren't so hot... literally. In fact the 'climate control' seems pretty useless. I set the temp and hot air comes through quickly. Good. Then after 30 mins or so things gradually cool off. Not so good.

It is possible to up the temp by turning up the temp dial and maybe increasing the fan setting, but it's never roasting. And it's not exactly wintry right now.

I have 'conditioned air' on all the time - no point in having condensation around. But turning it off seems to make little or no difference.

I have the feeling this isn't the way Porsche intended. Or is it the best the system can do? Or do I have a faulty sensor or something?

Anyone else had similar problems?

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Try setting the temp control to max and see if you get roasted. The system is capable of that if all is ok.

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The position of the temp sensor is not the best for it. That area often gets hotter than the rest of the car due to stereo etc. So the control needs to be set higher than you expected. I heard of someone repositioning the temp sensor to somewhere else, but can't remmember any detail.For now I just set the temp to higher after a while. If I really nneded it warm, I just turn it to max, then it's hot air regardless of the temp sensor setting. I'll have to look into the re-positionning of the sensor sometime soon, it's on the job list!

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I find I do have to adjust the settings as you go - they can't just be left at a temp like modern climate control. I drove 400 miles yesterday and found I had to tweek the controls regulary - I leave the aircon button on all the time to preserve the life of the compressor etc.


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Doesn't seem like a problem with my car then. I'll try winding the temp up some more. WillD: yes, keeping the seals lubricated is another reason to keep the aircon on...

Thanks all!

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