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Overfilled Sc



Help. I think I overfilled my 1979 Sc. I put oil in yesterday, to the level, when it was warm and running. On a drive and there weas plumes of smoke, coming out from under the passenger wheel arch (rear), and out of the exhaust. From looking under there seems to be oil dropping on to the exhaust at the back left. Has anyone any idea where it might be coming from. Thanks,


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DOes it look like it's coming from one of the valve covers and dripping onto the exhaust, or is it coming OUT of the exhaust itself? Could be coincidence that it's started smoking just after you've filled it. An overfill can often show itself by oil in the air filter housing (comes through the breathers).

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I cant really see in. I know its not any of the oil tubes, or a head. As you look at the engine it is dripping onto the exhaust right above the left heat exchanger at the back of the case. The car is at home, so I will check the airfilter housing when I get home.

Is there a breather pipe on the engine, and if so is that what it could be? Thanks a million for the advice,


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On my 3.2 there's a breather from the oil tank to the filter housing, and another one from the oil tank to the top-middle-back of the engine, if that makes sense! I'd say from your description it's unlikely to be a breather. Oil can run in some strange places. You need to get it all cleaned up, and get it up in the air with the wheels off to try and see where it's running from.


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You were right first time, the airbox was coated in oil, so I drained the oil out until I got the level on the dip stick about half way. I then washed down all the oil and that has stopped all the smoking. Thanks a million,


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I always thought you were supposed to put oil in with the engine off but the oil at normal temp on a flat surface - if yopu put oil in while it is running the level will be way down as the oil is all round the engine as it should be and not agthered where the dipstick is calibrated for.

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Dipstick is calibrated for when engine is running. I've always checked and topped with the engine running. Important to keep cuffs, sleeves, medallions on long chains random gangly things etc out of the way I find

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Well you learn something new every day! I've always checked oil levels before with the engine warmed but off - is this because the 911's have a dry sump?

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Yes you check with the engine runnung because of the dry sump design and you have to check with the oil temperature hot to allow for the oils expansion.

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