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New to me..........996 C4S


25 May 2014
OK guys I'm happy to tell you my quest to get back into the brand is now well and truly over as I am or should I say have been for the last 3 or so weeks the proud owner of a 2004 black on black manual 996 C4S!.

Before I start its only right I say a massive THANK YOU to a certain individual on the forum, he has taken the time to not only go through my many texts and emails but he has taken the time to take my calls and answer best he can any and all questions I threw at him, believe me I wasn't easy and some of the pictures sent for his inspection ..... Well let's just say the quality was crap but hey I'm no David Bailey !!.In all seriousness he was a great help, fountain of knowledge and at some points painfully honest which I appreciated as it's saved me money in the long run........... All this he did for free and in his own time after a busy day on the tools........ I won't embarrass him and I think everyone on this forum will know............ Again.... Thank you!!. To anyone else I have spoken to over the last 18/24 months and picked there brains again thanks as you have also helped me to get the car I was looking for !!!.

So the search started when I sold my 1999 C4, sold this as I needed a daily commute so got myself an Audi A4 coupe black edition...... Nice car..... Had everything I wanted but wasn't a Porsche so enough said there.
Fast forward and the itch to get back into a 911 just wouldn't go away so I began to hunt and hunt and hunt.

Finally found a C4S and the price was amazing £15750 with 91k on the clock,good condition and owned for the last 6 years .... Had a look at it and although a tip I loved it so arranged to have a bore inspection and general inspection done.The inspection came back with work to be done but for the price advertised I didn't have a problem with that as I had a bit in reserve, the problem came when the indie could not get the coils out to do the borescope.............as gutted as I was I had to walk away.Let me be clear that the owner was a gent, as good as gold and totally understood my position.

Decided to then up my budget and another C4S came up, again a tip with 65k on the clock, again I had this inspected and you could eat your dinner off the bores but I just couldn't agree on a price that would suit me and the seller, again I have nothing but positive things to say about this owner !!.

Then a black on black C4S manual I had been keeping my eye on had just been reduced in price......... Well you have to strike while the iron is hot as I knew this wouldn't hang around so after making some enquires , doing the normal checks I arranged to see it.The owner having had and maintained it from 2011, top bloke and nothing was a hassle, even arranged for it to go on a ramp,for me to have a closer look at !.

So checks done, car driven, bores inspected !!!!! and car driven........ Deposit payed !!!!!!......... That leaves me a very happy 911 owner again!!!

So if you all awake a little about my new car!!! .

2004 Black C4S manual with black interior
Currently displaying 91k
Aluminium gearshift/handbrake
Bose stereo
Litronic headlamps
Sports exhaust
FSH both Porsche and indie.

2009 engine replaced by Porsche Leeds at 60k
2011 onwards owned by same enthusiast who replaced the A/C, front top mounts,trailing arms,lower arms, gear cables oil separator , pads discs , plugs...... The list goes on and on but the main thing being a new clutch,RMS and IMS in the last few months...... A sorted car !!!. And on collection the owner replaced a side trim that was cracked, new battery and oil and filter change !!!!!

So you can see by the write up I am more than chuffed with the car, there are a couple of things to to along with general maintenance and these being a new set of tyres all round,the ones on are fine at the moment but I have just ordered a set of Michelins so I'm deciding if it's worth putting them on this side of the winter. The car needs a bloody good clean and detailing to bring the paint back.

I think this is more than I can do so I think I'll let the professionals do it !!! . The jet wash pump is broken so no washer fluid going to the windscreen, I have looked on you tube and does t look that difficult to fix,the pump is £18 so I may have a go myself.

So all in all a long slog but I have a car I can maintain over the coming years, drive and enjoy and remind my self " I never thought I would own a C4s !"and also hopefully be safe in the mind that the things that need to have been done have been !!.

Cheers for staying with me, if you ever have trouble sleeping log on and read this again !!!!!!

996 C4S

needs a clean


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Sounds like you did all the right things pre purchase and got yourself a great looking 4S!

Enjoy... :thumbs:
:welcome: back to 911 ownership.

Great to see you (and the car) today. :thumb:

Seems like the 996 C4S is coming back en vogue, that's a great looking car has to be one of the nicest back ends on a 911

Thanks for all the positive comments on here and at the meet Sunday morning ....... loving the car so far !!!. Have arranged the detailing, revamping the headlights and sorting the windscreen wash fault !!!!

Lovely looking example. Congratulations :thumb:

Congrats. My first Porsche was a 996 C4S 6MT Black on Black and it really has the best rear end you can find on a 911. Some cars just feel right and this is one of those cars. Enjoy it for many years to come.
Great looking car. Congrats

As much as I like my 996, Having owned many different makes and models in my time I still struggle to understand how it is in any way acceptable that a car that's had a new engine at 60,000 miles then needs a new clutch, rear main seal and IMS less Han 30,000 miles later!!!. Hell my transit connect work van did 130,000 in my ownership only needing replacement of air con compressor, tyres, discs and pads and that thing was hammered to death from cold every single day.
It may well not have "needed" these things - many owners like to replace the IMS and RMS when there's any sign of oil leakage for peace of mind and it makes sense to replace the clutch at the same time unless its brand new. I'm considering this myself. Rather irrationally it's also increasingly what the market demands.

Saying that, mine very much did need a new clutch at just 27k when I first acquired it. First 5 years of its life must have been spent exclusively competing in the traffic light grand prix. :driving:
Good price for an S! Best colour combo also imho.

If it's a keeper I'd look at replacing the exhaust mannifold flange bolts with SS or Ti while they're still corrosion-free enough to get out!

Really nice looking car.

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