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indicator problem

8 Feb 2007
my 89 911 turbo indicators will not work at all on the near side any suggestions m would be most helpfull .off side ok .many thanks.

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Possible earth connection but not sure.

Strange one. :?

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Fuse - replace fuses to make sure - could be each side is fused seperately.

Also the bullet shaped fuses on older cars corrode, causing all sorts of strange problems - replace all the fuses (less than a tenner) to avoid future problems.

This is a letter I wrote to 911 and Porsche World when I had problems with my 3.2 1988 Carerra.....

After months of mysterious occasional mis-firing on my 88 Carrera coupe, a letter in your mag has paid for the subscription many times over.

Several months ago the car started to fire on 3 or 4 or 5 cylinders
when started from cold - then it would pick up on the offending
cylinders when the engine was warm. This would happen on about a
quarter of the times the car was started. I would also get the cold
start surges mentioned in the October 2000 letter from David

I tried to have the fault diagnosed at Ray Northways (Porsche
Specialist) at Reading but we could never get the fault to occur
when the car was there - even when left for several days.

We considered (but resisted) new fuel pump/injectors/ECU (£800) and
plug leads and eventually just fitted a new distributor cap and
rotor arm.

Still the problem persisted.

Then the "Resistance is Useless" article appeared in the March

I took out all the fuses and cleaned both them and the terminals. (
front fuse box and the little one in the engine compartment for good

Not only has the car been perfect since but it feels smoother and
more responsive all round.

One pointer I perhaps should have followed up a few weeks ago was
that the stop lights suddenly didn't work and when I checked the
fuse the metal was completely crumbled with corrosion at one end of
the fuse.

It would seem that the best tune up you can do on an old 911 is to
replace all the fuses and perhaps the fuse box!

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