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996 turbo or C4S???


New member
29 Mar 2005

I currently have a 993 C4S 1996 and am going to be changing it soon...

I am thinking of buying a 2000 996 turbo for about 57k or a 2002 996 C4S for 50k. Does anyonbe have an opinion on these 2 cars and which one you would recommend and why?

Also do you know which one will depreciate the most overt the next 12-18mnths and how much i should expect to lose?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Turbo for performance, then again the C4S is great value for money, looks like the turbo and less sore on your wallet (depreciation), not sure by how much. It all depends on what YOU want. The Turbo has savage performance and road handling!!

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If you can afford the running costs then a turbo must be the ultimate Porsche and the 996 version does seem to be the model that can do both the daily grind and chew up the tarmac on a track.

But the C4S doesn't seem to shed the hard earned in the same way as a turbo and must be relatively easier on the pocket in other areas as well. I suspect if you can afford either you will not be disappointed.

My money? With my head, the C4S. With my heart, the Turbo (and I'm told £57K should get you into a newer model)

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thanks alot for your help guys!!!

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You need to put a sports exhaust on the turbo to make it sound as nice as the C4S with s/e. However it can't be a porsche one as they don't make them for turbos. Why not try and get the uprated c4S. With the advent of the 997 prices seem to be taking a nose dive!!


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Turbs hands down!!! If you're not sure then you need to test drive them again to be sold!

At that price I think the Turbo will have bottomed out more than the C4S - and for that money I think you can easily get a 2002 model year Turbo from Porsche... They had such an example on their site a few months ago for £57k with 18k miles on it!

Call an OPC (e.g. Reading) and say the magic words! :)

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