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Zymol and wheels!


30 Jan 2003
Gonna be Zymoling my wheels this weekend!

I read a topic on the Zymol forum (forums are becoming addictive) where the forum moderator used Zymol on his BBS split rims.

First he washed with Zymol wheel cleaner, let the wheels dry, then HD Cleansed the wheels and left it on for a few hours. Then polish off the HD Cleanse and he applied Concours. Then the Wheel spray Coat. Reckons that six months down the line they are still perfect.

I am going to try it with my Titanium wax on my RH Alurad RS style alloys.

Will let you know how I get on!

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Wheels are washed, have dried and have been HD Cleansed (left the HD Cleanse on for 3 hours, at the recommendation of Brad at Zymol), just buffed it off with the terry cloths and they are immaculately clean and shiny and feel like the cars paintwork does after HD Cleanse.

Will start applying the wax tomorrow!

Apparantly the water will just bead like the paintwork and they will be alot easier to wash.

Pictures to follow.

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Firstly never use Acid, even rinsing in loads of water will leave traces and cause corrosion.

The Zymol wax puts layers on top of the alloy/paint and prevents the brake dust and tar etc eating into the wheels, it will also make cleaning alot easier.

My alloys have lacquered alloy outer rims and will corrode badly especially if water gets underneath the lacquer.

Hopefully this will help save a £80 refurb per alloy.

It also looks really cool to see water beading on your wheels. HOWEVER MY MISSUS THINKS I AM TOTALLY SAD!


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Is it easy to apply and remove and how long does an application last?

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check out www.sportscarworld.net

however, it takes a whole day/weekend to do the whole thing, cleanse and wax. However you only do it twice per year. It is easy to put on and last for about six months. I used to use Autoglym and threw fairly new bottles of it away as soon as tried Zymol.

The depth of shine you get is really good and it makes cleaning the car easy.

Don't be put off by the cost £100 or so for a starter kit as the pot of wax (Titanium £60) last for ages, I have been using it for 2 1/2 years and I still have three quarters of the pot left! I was buying two lots of Autoglym every year at £13 per time, so over the long run it is cheaper and is a hundred times better.

And NO I do not work for them.

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Finished wheels yesterday, cleaned, HD cleansed, then 4 coats of Titanium and then wheel coat spray. I then washed the car to start Zymoling the paint and the water just beads on the wheels, looks good and should proivde a few months of protection, will just need to top up the wax every month or two.

Piccys mailed to Phil for inclusion, thanks Phil.

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Super shine!




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Mmm, very tasty indeed. Must go get some Zymol...

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Its no with wheels looking as good as that I am going to have to Zymol mine - Zymoled the body - very pleased - will send pictures.


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