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Your experience/opinions sought


26 Nov 2002
Nearly Mrs Hendo has decided that she wants to buy herself a new motor. Having whizzed around around in mine a few times, she's thinking seriously about buying it off me, but, my hankerings beyond my current car would be limited to a 993 TT or C4S, with definite leanings to the TT.

Staying initially with LHD, it seems that the gap with RHD narrows up dramatically. There are a couple of examples on the independants of both models but prices seem high for the LHD in comparison. Perhaps the 16% devaluation of GBP over the last year has made more recent European imports less attractive. What should I be looking to spend for a good LHD Turbo or 4S ?

Or should I just suggest to my better half that a Beetle convertible would be a good idea. It would be a shame to dissuade a potential convert to the 911 cause! :?

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I hope you are making a tidy profit by selling it within the family?!

What sort of price have you seen Left hooker TT's for? I am sure I read that left hand drive models can be as much as 10k cheaper than their right hand drive equivalents...might have seen that on Mr Crawfords website..I am sure he would have a very good idea what to expeect to pay.

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Hi Sutchy

Firstly she knows how much I paid for the current car so I woul'nt dare !!

As for price difference, Cridfords have a RHD TT with 80k on the clock for GBP 39k. RSJ have a LHD with 43k on the clock for GBP 38k. Both are 1996 models, both silver. I had allowed a little convergence for more specialised models but this puzzles me. I'll have a look at Sunday times, private ads and see if there's much divergence in there. I e-mailed Mr Crawford and am awaiting his reply. His web-site has changed and I guess all his purchasing guides are now on Cd's or downloadable guides which you pay for. (fair enough by the way). I still think the exchange rate was a major part of that GBP10k gap though. If you bought a car on the continent as a dealer for say EUR 42,000, and were to sell it in England for the GBP equivalent of EUR 50,000 (not outrageous mark up). Last years price was GBP 31,250, whereas today's is GBP 35,375 (highest GBP 36,250). Strangely though, there is still a large gap on the 993 C2/C4 models

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In your case you are comparing non like-for-like cars, one with low mileage for its year, the other with high mileage, this blurs the picture a bit. A right hander TT with 46K miles would be circa £45 maybe a bit higher. Likewise a 80k miler left hooker TT would probably be circa -30(ish)k? Which actaully translates to RSJ's left hooker looking quite expensive IMO. If you can pick up that one for less than 35k then I think thats a fair price. Personally, I would say get a PPI done on right hander and try to get as cheap as you can.

The right hander will have a much larger market on re-sale.

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