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Yet another 964

Will G-J

Well-known member
8 Jun 2006
Going to see this car tomorrow


seems like a nice guy, he emailed me pictures of the wheels, which need refurbing (below) and the recent invoices as a pdf

As he says in the ad it's had

Brakes done, wishbones and frnt Pzeros @ 154k miles in feb 04 @ £2k

DME and ignition relay done @156k miles in Apr 04 @ £200

RS clutch and flywheel fitted along with all manner of different oil pipes (how many could you possibly need), and rear pzeros @159k miles in Jan 05 @£2.7K

Central locking fixed @156k miles in May 04 @£330

Top end stripped down and de coked with gasket set, piston rings rocker shat oil seal kit, lower end gasket set, valve clearence adjusters and ignition lesd set @160k miles in Mar 05 @ £3K

2 Fuel injectors replaced and 4 overhauled @161k miles in may 05 @ £1k

All done at porscheworx in hampstead

Only other comment is small patch of corrosion around front windscreen which needs attention.

All comments greatfully recieved :)


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whats yer budget again Will??

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Hi Will,

Would you consider a Left Hooker?? I engaged the services of Phil Raby last year in my search for a 964 and came to the following conclusions.

1) There is a lot of rubbish out there so choose carefully. a 964 in LHD or RHD can suffer a lot of abuse in 17 years.

2) For some reason LHD 964's are far cheaper than RHD version particularly when compared with other 911's (3.2 carrera, 993 etc). It may be a case of supply and demand but you could get a LHD car with half the miles for 13k!!

IMHO it is a matter of personal choice but 12 months on I have a solid car with 70k on the clock which is worth what I paid for it last year.

Good Luck.

btw got my Insurance for £268. Thanks to you all.


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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Rodders on 13 July 2006

whats yer budget again Will??
well I have a little over £20k to play with (£23k to be precise) but that has to cover the first year of ownership including Insurance, tax and maybe 10k miles worth of fuel

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by simon yap on 13 July 2006

Hi Will,

Would you consider a Left Hooker??

The problem with that is that, while i'm not mad keen on the idea i'm sure i could get used to it, on the odd occasion that i need to cart some stuff around I'll need to leave the car in the hands of my dearly beloved who, would not even entertain the thought.

Also aren't they more expensive to insure?

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I do know what you mean, my missus cannot get on with LHD. (suits me :wink: )

My Insurance would have been the same regardless of where the steering wheel is..

Its a question of personal choice but if you have a budget of 20k you should be able to get a decent car with relatively low miles.

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I would seriously consider a LHD, at least try one, you won't believe what little if any difference it makes. Would certainly have another one. As far as I am concerned it is a complete non issue!

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LHD no issue.

Insurance no difference.

Next car LHD no second thoughts.

With your budget you would also be in 993 territory on LHD, its exactly the position I was in when I bought either a RHD 964 or LHD 993.

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The red one at 16K has got be worth a look as well if you are looking at the dark grey one. Red is a better colour on a 964 IMHO, black interior is much more likely to remain nicer than the light one and it's also had a lot of things done to it already that you would probably want to do to the other one. The fact it also has loads of history and an engine rebuild and dyno plot from 23K miles ago is a big plus too. It does have a few non original features such as the clear lenses and wheels but they are cosmetic. Certainly the way it's presented makes it seem well looked after by an enthusiast. Needs looking over by an expert to make sure of course.

New clutch, lowered suspension, cat delete, sports exhaust, strut brace, cup mirrors ... it ticks all the boxes on the upgrades you'll want to do too.

964 engines tend to need a refresh every 100K and this one has been.

BTW corrosion around the windowscreens can be expensive to fix.

You have a sensible budget to buy a really nice 964.


PS Stick to RHD ;-)

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One downside I notice is that it doesn't seem to have an option sticker on the underside of the bonnet which means paint or replacement bonnet. Worth asking why.

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Saw the red one a couple of weeks ago but it was one of the first i looked at so i didn't really have a comparison.

Off to see them both tomorrow so i'll let you know how I get on.

Saw a lovely one this evening a definate possibilty. so watch this space!

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