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X51 front radiator installed today


22 Sep 2011
Hi guys,

Fitted the additional fron radiator kit today. Kit was £85 + vat which is a bargain considering the rad itself is around £170 + vat.

Installation is very simple, just drop the front bumper off and it all bolts up onto existing brackets etc. my car is a very early 2005 and it all fitted great.

Only issue would be the coolant drop if you were just doing this, but my coolant is all drained off as my engine is also out - long story and I will post separately about that :eek:

Also gave the other rads a good clean out and a quick waft with some wayoyl for some preventative protection. Good jobs all round.

Few pics.



Great write up

Great job, planning on doing this to mine soon along with the low temp thermostat mod.

Can I ask where you got the kit, that sounds very reasonably priced.

The kit was from Nottingham OPC. The part number is on this forum somewhere, but if I get chance I will post it up.
Hi. Part number is 997.044.100.05.

Cost was £85.13 + vat.

Comes in a huge box so be prepared when you collect!
Thanks for the photos. Always enjoyable seeing photos of mods.
How simple is it to remove the bumper?
Front bumper is reasonably straightforward. There are some good guides on here that walk you through it.

Basically take out the wheel arch linings, headlights and then undo all the clips/fastenings. There are a few in odd places but then it just pulls forward.
I look forward to seeing your post as to why your engine is out!

Anthonyw said:
Hi. Part number is 997.044.100.05.

Cost was £85.13 + vat.

Comes in a huge box so be prepared when you collect!

Thanks, seems like a bargain considering its OEM. Shall be ordering and fitting to mine soon along with a low temp thermostat and some zunsport grills :D

does this kit come with everything you need? The extra coolant pipes and all the bolts etc?

Not sure how I missed this thread when it was first posted, but great work and great price.

I was aware how easy it was to fit, but for the price of a tank of fuel, the parts price makes it a no-brainer :thumb:

EDIT: I was just about to ask "Are you going to take advantage of the engine out to fit a low temp thermostat too?" and post a link to Maxie's Lthe thread in 997 FAQs:


And then I noticed you mentioned this kit and price (and your intention to fit) back in May.

So apologies again for missing this :oops:

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