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X-Pipe 200 Cell Cats


22 Jul 2015
I am waiting for my GT3 style centre exit exhaust rear bumper to arrive, which is taking forever! Trying to work out how to route the pipes from the silencers to the centre, not a lot of space to work with unfortunately so considering x-pipe 200 cell cats from TopGear which appear to be a much smaller diameter that the standard cats.


I already have TopGear valved silencers, these sound fine in the upper rev range but a little fluffy/farty at low revs!

Wondering if anyone has a similar set up and can give me an idea of what the sound difference might be? Also if anyone has pics of them fitted would be great or some idea of how much space there is between the cats and heat shields :thumb:
The previous owner of my 997.1 C2S installed a Designtek valved exhaust with 200 cel cats - I believe these are the same/similar, although I don't think it is the x-pipe version.

Here are a couple of videos I have...

Sound only from a tunnel run - https://drive.google.com/file/d/12LgZBTYCwRqKqjR67ZcywMYcBq3Ic9zK/view?usp=drivesdk

Start up with valves open. I can't remember if it was cold or not - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q9fTqSv5U1atVo5X0WzDE9KL5gJe1Zqg/view?usp=drivesdk

I'm pleased with how it sounds, although hard for me to compare to stock.

Hope this helps.
Thanks TFR, sounds great :thumb:
200 cell x-pipe cats now fitted, albeit temporarily before being welded up. Only driven once to drop the car off at the bodyshop but really pleased with the sound, gone is the farty/fluffiness at low revs, now sounds higher revving and a much nicer tone, chuffed :)
I know this post is quite old, but thought I'd add my 2ps worth. My car is equipped with PSE and I wanted to retain that but was after some more sound after hearing other 911s. Been advised to swap out the cats for 200cell to allow the car the breathe better and would hopefully realise some gains. Top Gear Exhausts had yet to develop a 997.2 system so I got in touch and they designed a full 997.2 exhaust system from headers to tips whilst retaining the PSE. They decided to use the the x-pipe configuration and the cats are located similar to 997.1, i.e. further away from the manifold.

When I got the car back it was clear the quality of the work/ welding was top notch. Everyone that has seen it is amazed. Upon start up it is quite throaty but soon settles down to a nice tone (not too loud). Driving around town and slowly is still very civilised. It is only when you floor the throttle the sound of the exhaust comes alive and is more raspy as the revs climb. I have cruised on motorway and thankfully it doesn't drone at all. I'm happy with this system and would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a system for a 997.2.

Alex will be taking my car back soon to develop a manicat version which will mimic the standard car setup but with 200 cell cats and this should perform even better. Just waiting for when they can fit the car in again. Soon I hope 🤞

Will report back when it's done.

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