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Would it be sad !?


2 Feb 2005
I have a friend (not me before any of you ask) who loves the 996 GT3 RS, But can only spend around £27k,..

He has an idea of buying a white 996 for around £22k and spending £5k turning into a look a like, wheels, roll cage, seats, rear spoiler ect... (right down to the bonnet sticker, instead of the badge)

A) Do you think he is mad ?

B) Would £5k cover the parts ?

I am not sure about things that are not 100% ! but if done right may look good.. He don't drive fast, just loves the look of the RS..

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not sad at all,

a lot of people have done the same

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If he wants to hold onto the car for a while, not sad, but there is no profit in this sort of work.

No idea what it would cost though.

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I dont think £5k would be enough. Would need to get the bodykit, get it painted and fitted. He would need wheels, buy suspension, exhaust, get a cage and paint it and fit it. I reckon it will cost abit more., these kind of things always add up to more than to esimate.

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If he's happy in himself driving a fake, then why not. It'll kill me to drive around something I know is not what it looks like. Will be difficult to sell though, remember that 996 to 997 convesion featured on the mag a while ago?

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but the donor car would need to be a mk2 996

better to buy a mk1 996 with a gt3 bodykit

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The rear spoiler alone costs £5k (genuine Porsche part unless he gets the Taiwanese clone on eBay which is of naff quality)... so no, the budget is not enough...

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