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Would it be a mistake..


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24 May 2012
to buy a 997 GT3 - when I've been holding out for the right GT2?

As some of you will know, I have been on the search for the right GT2 for a long time and its yet to appear - I've even considered cars I initially wouldn't have. Well, I still aint bought one.

Love the revvy n/a cars (have two at 8k+ rpm redline) but also had a a torque monster for a year (700nm) and it was fun to have the low down push in the back.

Thoughts please..
As I currently have the benefit of owning both simultaneously, I'd say GT2 for fun on the road & GT3 for fun on the track.

The 997 GT3 blurs that a bit by being a more refined road car than the 996, but I'd broadly say it still applies.
Depending on your GT2 budget I would consider picking up an early 997 turbo and GT3 (RS) as a viable paired alternative. Best of both worlds :thumb:
Only problem with that idea is that you have twice the depreciation & double the maintenance costs...
Yes but using man maths it makes perfect sense :thumb:
bryce is aliiiiiiiiiive!!! :)

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer:

... Are you thinking of giving up on buying a GT2 altogether, because you can't find exactly what you want, and buying a GT3 instead? Or is the intention to buy a GT3 while keeping an eye out for the right GT2 to come along?

My view is you're better off buying a GT2 that's not 100% the spec you want, and not buying a GT3. (No I can't believe I said that either).

These cars are addictive, despite what you might perceive initially as 'failings' (wrong colour, wrong seats, 'non-serious' overrevs etc etc). Chances are you'd grow to love the GT2 you did buy more than the GT3 you didn't.

Try out a GT3 if you haven't already (you may actually like it a lot), but you've spent so much time lusting after a GT2 I think it would be a mistake to not get that out your system first.
Thanks for the replies lads.

It'll be a road car for two reasons:
1. I don't have time to track
2. Im a whimp

The idea of two Porsches in the garage is nice, but the Turbo doesn't do anything for me, despite wanting it to.

Roro, Im not sure exactly. I have broadened my search to an extent, however there's still minimal choice came to market in the last 12 months or so. Mainly been white and I refuse to drive that colour (though can appreciate as spectator).

Ive driven both gen 1 (club) and gen 2 (comfort) GT3's and thought they we great. Preferred the gen 2 as it felt more refined. However I loved the torque / boost of the GT2.

Im seriously contemplating the 3's now. I don't expect it to be like the 2 but Im sure it'll make me grin just the same different way.
I would hang out for the Gt2. Being in the lucky postion of having both, I would always say the Gt2 is defo best for the road. And the boost is addictive.
That is lucky, well done. Both 997's? Which generation of GT3?

As I say I don't expect the cars to be comparable and I would need to remember that.

Boost - That's what I've had stuck in my mind ever since I drove one. Selling yours any time soon??
Both 996 models Bryce, and not thinking of selling ether of them, did have a mad hankering for a Carrera GT, but both would have to go and dont think I could part with either, and sadly couldnt justify CGT alongside them.
silver one is Ruf RGT originally was a mk1GT3.
green one is my GT2..


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Very lucky indeed having both. What wheels are on the GT3, aftermarket - ? Do you track either of them?

Pip :?:
Hi Pip

Its Ruf wheels that are on it, at 10 months old the car went to Ruf inGermany to be remanufactured as a Ruf RGT, I have the receipts for the build cost of around €80k euros..:)), that was on top of the purchase price of the car which from memory was £87k pounds
Thankfully it was its previous owner who had all the work done .

So aftermarket but not really a its now a Ruf.

The Gt2 wheels are aftermarket Techart's

Not had much chance to get on track with either, Ruf has full integrated Roll cage so thts the one I would use. The Gt2 is purely a fun road car for me.

cheers Al
I wasted a lot of money not buying the car I really wanted... the 997 GT2, I was in a position to get one and bottled it as they wanted big money for it. I ended up going through 4 other cars and wasted a lot more than I've lost on my GT2 in the last 20 months of ownership.

I'd say wait until the right car comes up. Although looking at how quickly that white car went on pistonheads this week I'd say you need to be glued to the classifieds!


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