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Would anyone be interested in a day at Santa Pod


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12 Jun 2013
Just putting the feelers out at the moment but we are thinking of haveing a combined day at Santa Pod with the Mk4 Supra owners as well as some TVR's, we would probably have 40 places allocated and cost would be £55-60 for unlimited runs all day, this is with all the marshalls etc present and only pre booked cars from the relevant owners clubs running.
Date will be next September 13th 2014 which is a saturday and all places will need to be paid for in advance, we normally get a few friends of friends with bikes and supercars we let in as well, so all in all a good day. Ill try get some quick Porsches to turn up so the R35's etc dont have it their own way, Im sure Ken at 9E and Matt at Fearnsport can persuade some customers to come.

So I need to know is the sort of thing thats of any interest or am I wasting my time.
I'd love to go on track at Santa Pod, so would definitely interested. My Turbo is pretty much stock so no record breakers from me, but would still enjoy having some fun there.
Its always a good day and plenty of runs to be had, we would organise Porsche parking seperate to TVR seperate to Supra etc

Traditionally when the Supra forum hold this is when the wasps seem to be about and the videos of invisible fighting are quite entertaining.
I think the 911 are right pig to launch !! Mine is anyway , PDK box are surely much better for that.
Some cars are better than others for 1/4 miles runs. My tuned RS4 B5 bi-turbo was a beast off the line !! Pretty easy to launch . 3500/4000 revs , drop clutch in one go ....gone like a rocket. Sub 4 secs was normal with those.
Funnily enough the guy I spoke to with the MCS R8 was at Vmax black where the 9E car ran and said he had never seen anything launch like that did off a drag strip, my turbo launches just fine. Its not about breaking records its about having a bit of fun and racing your mates and some other supercars.
1/4 mile run is lot of fun . Very addictive too.
Never met anyone disappointed with a RWYB day !!!!!
Could well be tempted, depending on date..

Had mine at the Race the Runway event at Edinburgh Airport today, and it was launching pretty well (997.1TT Tip). Beat the times of the likes of a Merc SLS, and Gallardo over a 1500m drag.

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