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Worth upgrading speakers in 993?


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14 May 2003
Hi All,

I'm planning on replacing the old Sony radio and CD changer in my 993 Turbo with something a bit nicer. Quite fancy the 1 DIN Alpine SatNav unit, with a 6 disc changer that can do MP3s as well.

Just wondering what the general opinion is on the speakers that come as standard in 993s. In fact, was there a standard set of speakers, or was it an option? I seem to have 3 speakers in each door, and 2 dual speaker units in the rear.

I can't really tell if they're any good, as the stereo itself isn't great, and there is no sound coming out the rears anyway.

Also there's quite a nasty buzz coming through when I put the headlights on.


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The 10 speaker kit you have was, I beleive, an option in NA cars and standard in yours. My last 993 C4 in Aus had this 10 speaker system as standard on all cars sold there. I had my Alpine head unit installed, but used the standard amp (which I think was installed under the passenger seat) and the standard speakers. The head unit made a massive difference, but the standard speakers in your are pretty good, in so much as I would have changed them but only because I had a great set of Boston Accoustics fronts to go in which would have been better.

If there is no sound from the rears, while its possible the connections have been lost from the back of the head unit, its also possible the connections have come out of the amp, so if you do check, have a look at both items. Or, when you change the head unit, again be conscious of the amp wiring.

My current 993 uses an Alpine amp in the front wheel well, but I use the 4v output from the head unit rather than the standard wiring, which, if you go the full head unti etc, would be the best way to get great sound quality. Has this helped at all or have I just waffled on....?


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So do they all have amps? I'll need to have a look under the seat. I might upgrade that while I'm at it then.

I'll not be doing the work myself, but the installers know about the rear speaker problem already anyway.


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As far as I know, they do, unless there would other specific changes. Generally, amps would be installed on a system this size...

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Hmm, I've had a look, or rather more of a feel, and couldn't find anything under the passenger seat.

Any other 1997 993 owners out there with an amp under the seat?


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Maybe there's not then, which would perhpas be why the sound is not good. Can you have a look and in the lift up door bins, see if you have a small ledge there (ie a coin holder for example), and if so, this is where the crossovers are mounted?

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Well, just got the car back from having the new stereo fitted, and it turns out there is an amp in there, but it's in the rear quarter panel, rather than under the seat. The installers used it for the new system.

It sounds much better, but it's not fantastic. However, I'm resisting the temptation to go further so far, as the car isn't my daily drive, and I often prefer to turn the stereo off when having fun in it...

We'll see how long that lasts.

Also got the Nokia Bluetooth in car kit fitted, and it works pretty well, although it looks like I might have to re-record some of my voice tags inside the car, as it doesn't recognise them when driving.


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