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Worrying Noises that Turn Out to Be Nothing


25 Sep 2018
Has anyone else suffered the unecessary anxiety this sort of event creates??

So there we were, enjoying a spirited drive through the Welsh countryside, the sun was shining, the road was good (and quiet) and all seemed well with the world (for a change).

After a beautiful run across open moorland and through a set of twisties, we descended a short hill, braking heavily before a sweeping 180 degree hairpin. After which, I began to accelerate towards the next corner, only to find there was a horrible buzzing noise every time I put my toe down.

Suddenly the mood changed. Oh god what's wrong?? What have I broken?? :dontknow:
A) Any warning lights - imminent danger? No. Sigh. Continue.
B) Where's the noise coming from? Sounds like it's underneath but slightly behind you. Engine? PDK? Transmission? ££££'s, claims, aggro!!!
C) Isolate possible source: Is it rev or speed dependent? Could be revs - seems to occur around 3,000 revs.
D) Is it gear dependent? Try another gear. No, happens in second too.
E) Stop and try first. Yep, happens in first too.
F) Wait, what was that slight bump when I accelerated in first?
G) Oh you %&$@*^$ idiot, your bottle of Evian has rolled off the back seat and lodged under your seat, vibrating at around 3,000 revs to cause the noise.
H) Remove bottle. Repeat testing. No problem.
I) Panic over. Heart rate now seems OK but detour to local hospital for precautionary ECG

Is it just me? :oops:
pzero said:

:floor: :floor:

If only, then it would've been the missus fault not mine :lol:
Worry is a part of ownership but as a rule .. anything bad and it will be obvious .. and bad things don't happen that often .. i should know .

Now then .. a pet hate of mine .. water bottles rolling around inside of a car .. passenger foot well mainly .. BIG Mistake ..

Alarm control unit .. 996

Rear end control unit 997 .. both under the passenger seat .. water bottle will end up there ..

A passenger gets into the car and moves the seat .. bottle gets punctured and you have a dead car or many problems all of a sudden due to this ..

I've fished out more water bottles .. milk bottles .. various drink bottles from under this seat than i care to think about ..

Each time i know i've saved a possible large bill for a customer that's only in for a minor service ..

It's that common i look under the seat on every service these days !!!

Pointing this out as i've seen it so many times .. water bottle = £500 under that seat !!

Drives seat and the Bose amp is there .. that's £1K on a 997 .
Wise words deMort :thumb:

Next time it's going in the bottle holder!
Good to hear from you deMort; now you're here - I get some strange noises from the passenger side, mostly when driving too fast :grin: :dont know: - can you fix it?!
OttoOtto said:
Good to hear from you deMort; now you're here - I get some strange noises from the passenger side, mostly when driving too fast :grin: :dont know: - can you fix it?!

Perhaps not .. it's up to you to stop the other half screaming lol .

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