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Working on car when I saw this online


New member
29 May 2021
I was working on my car (rear brake discs and pads) when I spotted this in the evening from the local residents group. Anyone find this a bit odd?


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It says more about the other residents than it does about you or your car IMHO. Do they not realise as a resident you might be on the group?...

So, odd in that sense. 996 ignorance is rife I'm afraid.
I'm taking as a mild social media jest / 5 seconds of rubbernecking, but it is a weird feeling that all day people were walking past and never said a thing. Then when I had packed up for the day, someone took a long range photo from behind a bush to have a laugh online. And to jest that it's a bit 'rough" or that I'm down and out to work on a car myself? A bit odd. It brings me back to when I bought the car and the seller said as an off-comment that the neighbourhood will be overjoyed with it gone. I thought to myself, why would people even care about something this trivial.

The next piece of work will be to take off the front and rear bumpers to clean the rads and do the spark plugs so I wonder whether they will flip out.
Pure jealousy, both of your car and because unlike them, you have the common sense and ability to operate a set of spanners. Some people now are incapable of changing windscreen wiper blades now without Halfords fitting them. Like the Internet meme says, 50 years ago a car owners manual told you how to adjust the valves, now they tell you not to drink the battery acid.

I work on my cars for several reasons, the main one being that I care about my car more than a local Indie will and will do a proper job. My one experience of main dealers on my own privately owned cars, albeit a BMW dealer, was not one which sold the idea to me. When I changed the LHS control arms on my Cayenne Turbo WLS the other week, as well as cleaning things like the brake calliper, I cleared out about a Kilo of mud from the recess behind the arch liner, cleaned the metal, rustproofed and wax oiled the cavity. I also cleaned out the Intercooler which had a fair bit of mud blocking the lower half. Would another mechanic have gone to this effort?

Part of the ownership experience for me is the improving of the car, through my own work.

As for slagging off 996's, that common misconception now tends to be only held by a few ignorant people who have no knowledge of them. Not only are they lighter, better handling and faster than the previous model, but a growing number of people now realise this and prices are climbing rapidly.

The smart folks got in early. :thumb:
I read that initial post simply as somebody trying to be funny by suggesting that the neighbourhood was going downhill because somebody had put your car on blocks and stolen the wheels.

Nothing that followed looked like a comment on your circumstances. Just some dumb comments and some supportive ones about the model. The usual curtain twitching social media nonsense. May be worth posting a neutral post to say all is well and that you were working on the car. May result in a few red faces.

I like the lift set-up you have. What is it?
The car lift is a Quickjack 5000. I bought it cheaper from Costco, only to realise that it's because it's the car battery operated variant. Still works fine. When looking through the reviews of the Quickjack, no-one talked about the catch mechanism. It's a tiny metal wedge supporting the whole car from collapsing. I'm sure it's all tested and safe but it looks dodgy as hell so I placed a couple of jack stands as back up. Main criticisms are that it's heavy (35kg each) so not as convenient to use as I imagined, and taking the rear undertray off is impossible as it gets in the way so I have to lift it up on jackstands at the rear to do that.
Thanks. It looks a good set-up. I noticed the axle stands which sound like a sensible precaution!

Good luck with the maintenance.
Wouldn't take it too seriously OP, it's only good-hearted banter.

Kudos for doing your own maintenance :thumb:
Could be worse people round my way complain if you park in the road. Let them moan!

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