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Woman driving Nissan GT-R crashes on Drag Race

It's a bit sexist is it not?

I mean it's only a story because it's a woman driving, right?

The fault here clearly lies with the man who pulled her away from the sink and put car keys (of all things!) in her hand, I mean somebody could have been killed, I have heard of women crashing the toaster while making breakfast, this is because they are naturally more distracted because what minds they have are nearly always 'elsewhere', and that's not just my opinion, it's based on real life assumptions that have made and now believe to be true.

And they can't pick up heavy stuff.

Or bowl.

Thats what happens when you try doing your nails while your driving !!! Another problem is foot size, with the female of the species this is smaller to enable standing the correct distance from the sink/ironing board/oven but is not conducive to a good driving position :eh!:
Love the ''sexist theories'' and a truly appalling piece of driving. I do though
feel that on this occasion it wasn't the nail filing to blame, if you look closely,
at the time of veering left she appeared to have dropped her hair dryer.

... :floor:
PeterS said:
Who's suprised?

:dont know:

..Well I would have been surprised if she had kept it straight... :wink:
To be fair, after being failed by three blokes, it was a woman that passed me on my 4th driving test.

This means a proven qualified woman that knows everything about driving has said I am a good driver, and signed a bit of paper to say so.

So I can't lose this:

If women are good drivers then I must be a good driver too as one of them said I was.

If women are bad drivers, I'm still a bloke.
Hmm, better not to have had the hand bag on show.
It is shocking that she got so far down the track before hitting barrier. Someone should really have told her that it does not work like a bowling alley.

...... And by referring to her picking up her handbag you are assuming she put it down in the first place.

To be fair though she is obviously English and was overjoyed that the centre lipstick mirror was pointing in the right direction for a change.

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