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Wish list: GT3RS xxxxxx


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21 Jun 2003
This car is beautiful. See Auto Express. White and red has never looked so yummy. Does anyone recognise the girl test driving it?
0-124mph in 14 seconds. £85,000k a snip. I'll have two. (if only).
Anyone good at down loading pictures of it?!
Sean you have to buy this car.

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Jay Jay has ordered one!

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Believe me...I'm trying to get one...Keep hounding my dealer, but he hasn;t been given his allocation yet...This car is going to be rarer than a Carrera GT...I'm going to hound my salesman and PCGB officials on Sunday and see what I can do.

The bad thing is it isn;t much lighter than the standard GT3, you could get more power from the standard car and be faster than the RS. But then again you can do the same mods to the RS.

Are you at Goodwood this Sunday?? Also there is an airfield day on the 26th near Liecester if you fancy it. Nice easy track day with no chance of going off into the tyres. Let me know at
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I don't know if it's me, but the RS just doesn't do it for me. OK, so it does look like some of the Carrera RS's of old, but to me this one looks like someone got a little carried away in Halfords.

Sorry... each to their own I guess.

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Hello. I didn't go to Goodwood Sunday as I had to go to Marbella. I was there on the friday and saturday. I got some cracking pictures of the GT2 on the porsche stand I will post them at some point, made me think about changing my colour to red. The 26th sounds really great as far as the track day is concerned but I am away again the end of the week.
Is the track at Donnington? Would like to go some other time.

Gary the RS has no resemblance to anything connecting to Halfords except that everyone stood in there would want one. But you are right everyone to their own or it would be a boring world and we would never see a caravan on the road or a Nissan Micra. NOW THATS HALFORDS.

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That's true, Olivia, but then again the world would be a much better place without Micras or Caravans... more space for 911's!

I think in my case I prefer things a little more understated than the large 'GT3 RS' strips down the side, the big wing and the painted alloys! Reminds me of the Subaru/Mitsubishi world, and the Escort RS Turbo I owned in my early 20's. I am sure the car is absolutely marvellous, it's just not for me, as you say.

Also, I think the vanilla GT3 looks just great as it is, and I am sure with a little bit of weight reduction you could make it equally rapid, if that's your bag.

But hey, vive la difference!

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Yes I hate Subaru and Mitsubishi too (especially the blue ones with GOLD wheels) although their power to weight ratio is stunning for the price. I understand where you are coming from, however understated is for the office. Occasionally its good to put all your bits on and let your hair really down. The RS is that for me. Also on the road it will look very different from anything else in those colours. I want one soooo much. Better go and earn some money!!

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