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Winter Tyres vs All Season Tyres


30 May 2012
In addition to my 996 turbo, I have a 2011 Cayenne Turbo for which I wish to buy a set of winter wheels and tyres.

I found the debate over N rated tyres very interesting.

Porsche UK can supply set of 19 inch wheels with an N rated tyre, the Pirelli Scorpion M & S. This tyre is no longer made, the blurb indicates it is an 'all year round' tyre.

Pirelli also make their Scorpion Ice and Snow winter tyre. I presume the latter gives better winter performance. It is is not N rated .. I would need to buy my own set of Porsche rims

Which would you suggest I fit for winter ?
Sums it up rather well.

Quite a few cars in Germany run all season tyres, but these tend to be on a yaris, aygo, smartcar etc... 'nuff said :nooo:
So what should I buy ?

Should I buy Porsche rims & have Pirelli Ice and Snow winter tyres fitted, but without an N rating ? Or buy Porsche rims and have Pirelli M & S All Season tyres which are N rated ?

Both sets of tyres are V rated.

...or open your car door and read the approved wheel/tyre sizes from the metal plate attached on the door surround or door itself.

Whether Porsche will 'allow' you to fit tyres of your choice :roll: will depend on your warranty of course.
Car doors ..

Thank you for the 'car door' suggestion.

I am in the USA at the moment, so when I am back on December 15, I will do exactly that.
Thanks Chimp911

The link to Porsche tyres and wheels is brilliant .. Thank you.

It is disappointing to see that the Porsche UK wheels and tyres being offered to me as a set by a dealer are with 'all seasons tyres'.

Yet the actual Porsche list that chimp911 has shared shows Pirelli Ice and Snow winter tyres.

I have managed to source some N rated Pirelli Ice and Snow & now I need to buy new 19 inch rims.
I didn't bother with n rated for winter tyres. Went with continental winter contact
And finally the dealership comes up trumps .. 20 inch rims with N rated Pirelli Ice and Snow. I had my doubts about the N rated vs non N rated, but as I have a 2 year Porsche warranty on the car, I felt it best to keep within the Porsche approved parts.

The N rated debate rages (drags?) on - if they're available and sensibly priced then there seems little point sticking your neck out to chance any warranty hassle...
I can only speak from my own experience, I ran a set of Hankook Ventus ST M+S tyres on my Touareg V10 for nearly three years, this included the two 'bad' winters we had, at one point my car was the only car which had been up a hill near my house for a week. In the snow it was massively better than pretty much anything else on the road, in the summer it was fine as well. I put over 20k miles on the tyres on a car which weighs nearly 3 tons and when I sold the car there was still some decent tread left.
I liked them so much that I have now put them on my RR.

For a daily driver where I'm going to get through tyres or where I don't want a comprise (like on the Porsche) I'll run two sets, but for an occasional car like the RR the cost / hassle isn't worth the marginal difference IMO. I already have two cars which run a winter / summer set, I don't need any more.

Incidentally, on cars which don't do many miles at all I run winter tyres all year round, these cars are small/light and don't do more than 2k miles per year, as such any increased wear in the warmer weather isn't really an issue.

If I had a Porsche warranty I'd be sticking with 'N' rated tyres though.


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