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Winter project

Jason Bunyan

New member
26 Aug 2003
Anybody wanting to find out how to spend their winter evenings should visit the Universal Salvage web site, there are two good buys at present, a 98 Carrera for £4200 and an 86 Carrera at £2500, both Category C repairable, what a great way to spend the winter, both look fairly easy to repair, looks like a good investment to me.



993 cab

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Not that I have any idea what it would cost to fix that car but it certainly does'nt look like you'd need to spend much more than £15-20K and that would give you quite a cheap 996 C2. The wheel and tyres alone are worth £1500, plus the engine.

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Johnny, i think you would be surprised, with a bit of searching most of the parts are available second hand,having just done my 993 i think you could complete the job for 4-6k, that's doing most of the work yourself, the only out side work i had done was a full geometry check and set up, this cost £100 at a local body specialist, i think somebody paid £400 at a Porsche dealer recently on the site, no disrespect to any Main Dealer, but can they really justify some of their prices, at the end of the day all cars only bolt together, and i found the Porsche much easier to work on than say a Vauxhall or Ford, purely because of the quality of the design, this is the first Porsche i have worked on, the only trouble now is, all the other cars we work on tend to be pretty boring compared to the 993.



993 cab

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Who buys cars like this, how would you re-sell it? If I was considering buying a Porsche I wouldn't buy one with an accident record like this. Unless of course you are keeping it for your own use.

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I think you will find that there are more damaged cars in circulation than you realise, all Cat D cars are not recorded, but you find that Insurance companies are classing quite heavily damaged cars as Cat D, these are really uneconomical repairs, it's all about the cost of repair, and not really about the condition, chances are you'll never know the true history of your car.


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Interesting Jason , so when someone starts asking questions about the history of the car do sellers just lie blatantly?

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Unfortunately, money causes people to let's say, stretch the truth. my own 993 is a Class C, i have kept a complete record including photo's and receipts for all parts etc. of the car before repair, during repair and the finished car, mine was really an uneconomical repair, no chassis damage at all, just panel and steering/suspension damage, repaired with all OE parts, all of this will be shown to any buyer, but i don't think i will sell it for quite a while. It stands me in at £17,500 and that includes the wheels and tyres at £1,000, it is no different to any other 993, probably better than quite a few, 2 owners, full Porsche service history, 52,000 miles, air con, all bills from Porsche dealer, just had VIC check, so you know it's 100% genuine, not a ringer.



993 cab

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The prices shown on the site are current bid prices though aren't they? If this is the case, then the final sale price may well be higher. Also, if there is a reserve price and it is not met, there will be no sale.

Still, the potential price at which you can get hold of one of these cars looks very tempting, even just getting one for the spares.

One thing to bear in mind though, Porsches have to be put back together to a very high standard - if you have a look at a Porsche workshop manual and their advice on how to do major bodywork repairs you'll see what I mean.

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How many ways are there to fit and spray a wing? or replace a wishbone. Car repairs ain't rocket science, even if Main Dealers want you to believe it is, most apprentice's will be doing work on your car in a Dealership, but do you get charged less for it, great if you don't mind paying £92 an hour for a lad to fix your Porsche. Good luck to the Main Dealer if he can command such nice fees, but don't let them talk you into believing that nobody else can do the job just as well, plenty of fully trained Porsche mechanics working in Independant garages. By the way, there are no reserves on cars at this auction.


993 cab

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