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wings and arches...


7 Apr 2005
I have been looking at a couple of early 80's 911's, and I notice most of them have "whale tails".. It doesnt quite look right to me on this age of car, and all of them have the narrow rear wheel arches rather than the wider arches which I guess came as std. with the turbo's...

Does anyone know if the whale tails were fitted as std on these cars (or if it was an option or whatever), or is it more likely that some one has added it at a later date to "update" the cars? Also quite a few have the more modern bumpers (ie without the black rubber bellow type impact bits). Is this a common upgrade, or again was this part of an option type pack?

I quite like the newer bumpers (without the black rubber spring bits) as they are a bit cleaner looking, however Im not massively keen on the rear spoiler... Again I prefer the cleaner look at the rear of the car.

If anyone could help, that would be great... Also if anyone knows anything about removing a rear-spoiler (ie whether the whole engine cover needs to be replaced, or if it just unscrews, etc.) that would be useful too...

Thanks in advance

b [:)]

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the 3.2 was available in 2 forms - "Sport" - with the front black plastic lip spoiler and the whaletail. it also has sports suspension and fuchs.

The "non sport" came without any spoilers and telephone dial style wheels.

It was also possible to have the Turbo rear spoiler fitted to a narrow body car.

The problem arises (as you are finding) when people "update" their cars, by fitting 964 style bumpers etc.

Just as a final comment - it is also possible to fit the 964/993 style retractable rear wing to sc / 3.2 's - that way you get the spoiler less look at rest, but the aerodynamic benefits at speed.

BTW - there is a lot of discussion about if you can fit just the front or rear spoilers - or if you should only fit both of them.

My old 3.2 was a non sport, but i fiited the front lip and it was fine. Your not supposed to fit just the rear.

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I hadnt noticed the front lip but I guess it lets less air under the front of the car, effectively creating lower pressures under the car, reducing lift at high speed (a bit like a very basic and less effective diffuser on the rear)

I like the retractable spoilers; IMHO the spoiler-less look is better, however I know a lot of people like the big wings.. I prefer the slightly more subtle look, and the retractable spoiler appeals to my "techy" side :D

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No front spoiler but a whaletail = excessive understeer.
No rear spoiler but with a front spoiler = excessive oversteer and pitching. Both at high speeds obviously.
The mobile spoiler was designed for the 964-on bodyshape and does not provide the correct balance when replacing a whaletail on a 3.2 Carrera or earlier car.
Read page 228/9 in Porsche 911 story by Paul Frere.

Remember that Audi TT's had to have a spoiler fitted to stop them exiting bends backwards....

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by catboy on 12 April 2005

I quite like the newer bumpers (without the black rubber spring bits) as they are a bit cleaner looking, however Im not massively keen on the rear spoiler... Again I prefer the cleaner look at the rear of the car.

b [:)]

The bumper you saw with rubber spring bits are the impact bumper models inc the 3.2, the bumper that looks like wrap around body kit is the 964 which has the same (or v. similar) front wings/headlamp.

The whale tail spoiler could be changed to an engine lid without the tail.

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cheers guys.. I remember the horror stories of the TT, particularly the high speed front end lift which was corrected with some underbody work I think?

I guess either leave it std or add/remove both

b :)

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Hi i have just been reading the post and its been good to learn somthing new!

How does the electric spoiler work is it from an alternator pickup? like a rev counter?

If not i would love to know more please, and can it be made to work on a 3.0/3.2?

many thanks

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hi russel , i'm not too sure about the tech side of fitting the leccy spoiler - i've just seen it on a few cars. Maybe the simplest way of installing it is to just fit it using an up /down rocker switch?

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