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Windscreen Window Washer pump not working - no 12vdc

David Cannon

New member
23 Nov 2019
Good evening all!

I wonder if you can help me?

With the ignition on: I do not receive any water to the windscreen, when I pull the stalk towards me, to operate the windscreen washer jets and the wipers. The windscreen wipers work (two complete swing cycles) correctly.

I took off the LHS wheel and surround within the wheel arch. With the stalk operated (wipers work) and I hear a relay click, but the jets do not operate. I checked for 12v dc at the pump connection and zero voltage (have checked voltmeter on know supply - working)!

Please note the headlight jet washers work. Fuse B4 feeds this circuit and is correct.

Please note, I set up a quick
Jury rig with 12vdc and the pump worked. This is just for info, as there is no 12vdc at the pump connector.

I downloaded the Fuse layout and there is no fuse listed for the windscreen washer pump. All the other fuses correlate to the circuits for 911 (997) - 2008 model (LHD) 3.6l 2d, 4 seats.

Q1 - where does the power come from for the window washer pump, is it through a relay?
Q2 - is there a fuse for this system? If so, where is it physically located?
Q3 - I read on some other threads that the problem maybe within the stalk - any ideas on this and how to fault find / clean contacts? But also need to understand 1&2 above.
Q4 - any other ideas?

Thanks for your help in advance


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are the jets blocked ?
Hi, I had the same issue, it was due to the jets being blocked. I bought 2nd hand jets from ebay and it fixed the problem.
OPC told me ‘non Porsche’ brand washer fluid risked ‘furring up and blocking’ the jets 🤷‍♂️

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