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Window Tints


Yas Marina
11 Mar 2007
Hi, can anyone recommend a window tinter in the SE? Indeed, has anyone had their windows tinted? Before you think I want my car to take on a gangster effect, I am only looking for a subtle tint (say around 50%) which will provide some much needed respite from the sun this coming summer.

I had this work done on the Golf a couple of years ago and the 50% tint makes the car all the better for it. You can still look inside but it gives a bit more privacy than the slightly-tinted glass that comes as standard. However, this was done on a group buy with another forum that I am with. If anyone else in the SE is up for a group buy, then I guess I can contact the guys to come down from Leicester to do it for us. (Incidentally, they charged 5 of us £100 each - half their normal charge - for a really professional job).

~ Maxie

PS. In case you are interested, my email is
[email protected]

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Why ask when you already know???

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Be careful though as that level of tint is illegal on driver & passenger side windows. Police are supposed to have clamping down.

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by alan sweeney on 23 March 2007

Why ask when you already know???
I am asking if anyone knows of a (reputable) tinter in the SE - one they might have used themselves. Then, I'd do without calling the firm I know in Leicester and also do without arranging a group buy.

RobJ - Aware of this. If one went for a 30% tint or lower still (ie approaching limo black levels) then I think there would be cause to worry. A 50% tint is only marginally less darker than the standard glass but fairly effective from sunlight (except intense).


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Hi Maxie,

Wasn't being an arse honest. Window tinting is a difficult application process as you know. Seen some terribble ones. Not a common after market add on for 911's only seen a couple. My point being as you have personally experienced the Leicester work, go for it. May be a trip etc but beats having a recommendation that you may regret.

Regards Alan.

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Ok Alan - appreciated. In fact you have a point and I may do just that. It was just the trip I wanted to avoid and also the cost of going it alone and paying full whack!

~ Maxie

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pentagon in watford have done a couple of cars for us, nice job

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OCS in Caterham (01883 - 343393) See a lot of nice vehicles there being tinted !

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Thanks for these guys :)
- am looking into both of those sites a little more now. Will also call OCS to see if they have a site too.

~ Maxie

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No Worries Maxie..

I was at OCS last week and there was a new Aston and a R32 being tinted !!

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