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Window switch problem?


5 Aug 2005
Hi guys. Had a great Easter enjoying the 993 :D
However one consequence of having RSRs is I keep winding the window down to hear them more! Yesterday the switch didn't spring back into it's central position when I released it, and on closer inspection it looks like it's fecked - it wobbles left to right.

I'm still a 993 newbie, so apologies if this is a dumb question! I guess I need a new switch? Is it best to get one from my local OPC, or aftermarket? Are they easy to fit or do I have to remove the door card?

Thanks in advance!

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they should just pop out and are only about 10 quid from OPC

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Thanks doc! Called AFN Reading, they quoted £29 + VAT. Have they quoted for the wrong part?

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Mine broke the same. There's often some on ebay (original Porsche ones) for about a tenner.


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Thanks Will. Why is the stuff you need is never on eBay when you need it to be?!

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Gently prise it out with a screwdriver, disconnect the cables, connect the cables to the new one, push gently back into place, repeat every 10k miles for the drivers door switch and 50k miles for the passenger door switch. Porsche design? probably VW beetle. you can get horendously expensive alloy ones on the American Porsche parts sites.

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LOL, I think you're right Stevo. I've just been looking through the Rennlist archives on this, apparently you can dismantle and repair them with a slight modification on the original (poor) design. I'll try it out and report back.

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Ok, just removed the switch. I've taken the top, 'handle' part of the switch off and it appears to be held to the switch body by 2 small projections which locate to holes in the switch body. These projections are were the switch handle pivots, and are so small and thin it's hardly surprising they break off (as has happened on one side of mine). One rennlister has replaced these projections with a small metal rod. Obviously alot stronger, and still allows the pivoting action of the switch. I'll have a go at this I think. Haven't got anything to lose!

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