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Why is my Sat Nav crap?


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13 Sep 2005
The Sat Nav on my 996 is missing so many roads i might as well have a DVD player. I'm sorry for being so ignorant on this but after a couple of months with Sat Nav for the first time i am getting very frustrated searching for road/streets that are not listed.

I can probably find my way to any city in the UK without a map, the only time Sat Nav is any use is to find a particular road, i was looking for a hotel in sunderland centre the other day and the road wasn't listed.

My house is 20yrs old but even my road isn't listed. The Disc was supplied with thr car just under 3 years ago and i have bought another (cheap) which is 2 years old.

Do i need yet another disc or should i junk the Sat Nav for a new one? My friends Sony comes up with all the destinations i was looking for.

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is it not cos the PCM system you have has since been replaced?.............i heard that Porsche weren't that hot in supporting their earlier PCM system and therefore its shockingly obsolete

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IF your car is a 2002 model year then I reckon that you've got PCM1 which wasnt particularly good

PCM2 was a big improvement, although I had a problem yesterday that it didnt recognise New Beckenham in sarf london and kept directing me to a road with the same name in 2 other nearby locations. I resorted to the old favourite of 'Shout Nav' . Its quite good, just pull over to the side of the road, wind down your window and yell 'scuse me mate, am I near Lennard Road?' You then get given a short term memory up-date which will remain in the memory until either you arrive at the destination or until you take a wrong turn. If its the latter, then repeat the 'Shout Nav information search procedure'

I'm not sure but I think Navteq are the main producers for Nav disks, and may well have an update disk

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All my docs say PCM so i presume it's a PCM1 and not 2.

I'd be interested if any 997 owners are happy with the new kit because i'd prefer to stick to a Porsche upgrade if it's any good. My car has probably the most compete Porsche service history possible with reciepts for the smallest things and it will delight a enthusiast (hopefully) who eventually takes it off my hands in a few years.

It would be a shame to sour it by having have a Panasonic or Alpine badge sat in the middle of the dash.

Woke up this morning to find a bloody great rocket had dropped on my bonnet last night! Guy Fawkes has a lot to answer for.

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get the new road angel navi, thats what we got!

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If its PCM1, i dont even know if its possible to upgrade it to PCM2 and even if it was, it'll be hellishly expensive. Might be better off either changing to a good (and far cheaper) after market or hunt Navteq down for possible updated discs

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Can't update to PCM2 IIRC.

I'm definitely going for Shout-Nav... Love it.

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The Sat Nav system on my Cayenne Turbo, one of the first in the UK, had two major faults, eventually Porsche Reading confirmed Germany knew about them but let me and their UK agents waste time over a year or so.
1. There is a fault in the co-ordinate readings in some places, for example if I drive 1 mile from my home and put in my home co-ordinates it tells me I am 70 miles from home!!
2. Driving in Europe, for example Sweden, there are whole towns as well as streets missing and as Sweden is fully electronically mapped it is clear that Porsche have got inferior data in their system.
Most annoying of all is that it took a year for them to admit it.
The latest, DVD, system is said to be better but the CD system cannot be updated I am told. The motor trade perhaps deserves its bad name.

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My C4S 2003 model PCM2 had a software update under wtty to cure most of the problems you are refering to Alan.

Contact the dealer.


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If you don't want to disturb the built in unit why not invest in a cheap mobile alternative such as "tomtom go" plus they do regular upgrades.

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two words...... Tom Tom

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what they need is a tom tom that will plug into the cars TV/screen

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