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White smoke


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6 Dec 2012
Started car up yesterday evening and there was quite a bit of white smoke from near side exhaust tip that lasted about 10 seconds. It's never done it before and it was clear again this morning. Anybody got any ideas? :dont know:
Just done the oil filler cap test and there is a slight vacuum and a slight difference in tickover. Is this normal.
Is it normal, yes to a point. I discovered mine was down to seriously inclement weather in my area filling my exhaust with water causing masses of condensation. However i still had a slight vacuum and difference in idling with the cap removed. However my smoke was from both pipes equally.

Could be condensation if its white, or head gasket. If its got a blue tint its oil. Follow the steps in the original thread to rule out condensation.

Blue smoke from one side could be bore scoring, the AOS gives smoke from both sides IIRC.

If its gone now, do as i have done and keep your eye on it, check oil and coolant levels frequently, check expansion tank for contamination. Work out if it only does it if its been stood a while or after a long drive etc, the more info you have for your indy if there is a problem the quicker and cheaper the diagnosis will be.

Others on here will be better able to help, im good with engines, but new to Porkers

Good luck :thumb:
If it was a quick burst you will probably find its the usual oil seepage, blue oil smoke often looks very white with a slight tinge. As long as its a rare occurrence it's likely nothing to worry about.

I will also note I find my car smokes quite alot during colder months, I've put this down to the short exhaust and living quite near the sea, now it's boiling outside I never see any on startup
I used the car a couple of times over the weekend and not a hint of smoke from either pipe, hopefully it was a one of. Ill keep my eye on it, it's still under specilist cars warantee until mid dec. thanks guys.

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