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White smoke....lots of it!!!


26 Aug 2004
Put the car on the drive last Friday and couldn't see through the rear window. The whole drive was filled with white smoke coming out of the left hand exhaust.

Panic! Switched the engine off and phoned Ninemeister who inspected and fixed a solenoid the week before as part of my PPI. Answer: sounds like a broken head gasket if not something more serios Sir. Get the car to us and we will diagnose.........could be anything from £1000 to £2000 but could be a new engine job....£8 - 10K. Nice......

Had a re-think and traolered the car to the Classic Car Workshop in Coppull where Cath, the owner and mechanic, said she would have a look the following day. With a pounding heart I went to see her the following day and there it was, smoking from both exhausts now..........and that was good news. Cath told me that this could not be case of a broken head gasket but somewhere moisture was getting in the cylinders and the oil was totally pure. She had an idea what it could be so I left the car with her to do whatever she thought was neccesary whilst I was away in Russia for business.

Came back last Friday and ......the oil separator had failed.....£100 part.....there is a god!!! She runs sweet as anything now.

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Heart in mouth moment !

Good to hear she is feeling better !

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Yes, a pretty bad moment.......even more so when I told the missus!!!

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Nitrous on 26 February 2007

Yes, a pretty bad moment.......even more so when I told the missus!!!
Glad it worked out for you, you deserved some luck! :D

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i bet you couldnt pay the 100 squid fast enough,good result,you must be close by i,m in leyland just down the road from cath and co.pete

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Blimey. Well with white smoke even I'd have guessed it was water (too many motor boating horrors) but I bet if she'd charged £200, there would have been a sigh of relief. Head gasket could also have been the right diagnosis for a 996 as well but at least you haven't paid for that to be repaired jsut to find it was the separator. Great result.

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