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Whistling noise coming from engine

Chris H

New member
21 Aug 2003
Having recently purchased a 1993 964, I was extremely happy with life until a few weeks later when I approached a corner doing a few click's faster than the weather would allow, and consequently became another Carrera 2 statistic... Ouch ! Left side damage, front and rear..

All has now been fixed and she is looking better than ever... Only problem I have now is a whistling noise coming from the engine when accelerating. It seems to come in at lower rev's and then dissapears as rev's go higher... Could it be a problem with one of the belts?

Any ideas?

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Can you fatten out your description a little. Whistling like in one of those old C&W records....... a kettle a train?

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Chris, did you ever get an answer/fix RE your 964?

I have the same thing (worse when cold), and when you accelerate it goes, only to come back into earshot when you stop/idle etc. Sounds to me like a rhythmic squeal/pitch - could be the belts????



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my drilled airbox whistles if that helps

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I'm lost? its definitely a high pitched on/off squeal

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Slipping belt? But then that might get worse the higher the engine speed. Check belt tightness everywhere.

Pulley bearing somewhere?

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I had some whistle noise from the engine when on idle a while ago, mainly when engine's cold.

I thnik there's a section in p-car.com about belt tensioner bearing or something. The noise stopped after a while so I never got to find out.

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