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Where's Noony?

Maxy M

24 May 2004
Following Ferraris? Into music bigger time than Porsche? Into women? :eek:

Or just asleep? OI, NOONY! WHERE ARE YOU?

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This forum pretty much runs itself, wouldn't you say? :wink:

TonyH that is very rude, especially from a chelsea supporter

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hey noony.. did noony snr get the Ferrari ?

and about time YOU thought about a 911uk & Ferrari Chat curry night in a few months time !

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anyone one for Noony and co..

this week's caption competition....."what are these 2 chaps saying....."


Car:2004 Ferrari Enzo
Description:Lost control while overtaking a bus. As far as we know, this is the 4th Enzo that has been wrecked. Wreck happened on December 10, 2004.
Location:Near Botley in New Forest, Hampshire, United Kingdom



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Oh dear - and I have'nt fitted the front number plate yet...

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i bet there is going to be pictures of this everywhere can you say you was driving as i aint passed my test

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The Frank guy who owns a 20002 F1 car lent the enzo to his friend, and he crashed it into a bus!

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holly F***, what the f*** have we done. We are totally f***** now. Something along the lines of this maybe...

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