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Where to find an Electric buffer


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23 Jul 2004
I think some one on this site or rennlist showed a picture of their car after using an eletric buffer. The paint looked deep and wet

I did a quick search (foogle and ebay) today for one but i couldnt find any.

Could some one point me in the driection of a good one please :)

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nm they are called Electric Car Polisher's not buffers found a few now :)

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its not something an amateur should attempt

its so easy to burn through to the undercoat

Find a bodyshop

get them to mop the car for you

try ferecla g3 or trade team platinum polish

the ferecla g10

the hand polish with g10 in straight lines just like sanding wood

this removes the swirl lines

then Zymol HD Clens then a zymol wax

every hand application in straight lines

that the way to depth and a mirror like finnish

or go and see paul at miracle detail, hes a great guy and based in croydon

its not the wax that gives the shine,

you need to get rid of the minute scratches and the traffic film in the lacquer,

this is the point of mopping and clay bars,

remember colour and shine is only the result of light reflected off the paint surface, by cleansing the paint you get a purer reflection lhence a greater shine & depth, the opposite of looking in a dirty mirror

it might cost £300 for paul for zymol a car for you

but if you use a mop your self and burn through the paint, you'll have to respray the panel, besides once youve seen it done, you'll know how to do it properly next time,

I wont let a valeter mop a car for me, they dont have the experience that a guy from a bodyshop has especially some one who was trained back in the cellulose days,

once ypuve spoken to someone with experience you'll find out it makes sense

but I promise you if you go down this route you wont regret it

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Ok i think i will stick to elbow grease for now (after seeing some of those ‘before’ pictures)

I might get that guy around later and some point. However doesn’t Phil (the admin) offer the same service but cheaper? I know some one around here does.

I love to get that deep deep wet look. So far zymol makes it shiny but not as much as I had hoped

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The best one to buy is the Porter Cable 7424 random orbital polisher. Get it from Autopia.

As it has random orbital action it is very difficult to go through your clearcoat. I have one for over 6 months a love it.

Would agree with the use of the Farecla products as they are very good.

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I think getting Paul is might be a good idea because I have noticed a light dusting of very minor scratches. So if they are the problem it would be worth him straightening them out.

Here’s the only good picture of the paint I took to day


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