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Wheel change


New member
7 Jan 2021
I'm thinking of changing the wheels on my 2001 C2. I Like the look of the Turbo Twist type alloys.

Can anyone confirm what will be the correct/best wheel for this application. I know they're staggered but I'm confused as to what is the correct sizes!

Also, would the car need spacers or not?

The best ones are the 996 turbo twist II design 18" solid spokes (unless you want turbo hollow spokes). 10j on the rear 8j on the front, no spacers required.

Like these:


If anyone has a set of the wheels Alex mentions then please let me know. A straight set requiring a full refurb would be OK, as would a set of good ones.
SHRS2000 said:
If anyone has a set of the wheels Alex mentions then please let me know. A straight set requiring a full refurb would be OK, as would a set of good ones.

Loads on ebay pal, 600-1000
I have those wheels on my 2001 3.4 The car was delivered with the sport design GT3 alike wheel and somewhere along the way they were changed. I think they have better ( wider ) offsets than most of the original C2 wheels. Mine are et50 front 18/8 and et47 rear 18/10. Which i think may be C4S fittment. But they work well with no spacers & no rubbing at X74 ride height. Only downside is they are pretty heavy. Design 911 will sell you a copy I think in the same size / offset.


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Just be careful to get the right turbo twists there's a lot of variants though that all look the same from the outside but the widths and offsets are specific to the car they are for.

- Boxster: 7j fronts and 9j rears
- C2/C4: 8j fronts and 10j rears
- C4S: 8j fronts and 11j rears
- Turbo: 8j fronts and 11j rears (later turbo wheels were hollow)
- GT2: 8.5j fronts and 12j rears.

I can't remember if the GT3 was offered with turbo twist or people just made sets for them that are 8.5j fronts and 11j rears.

It's worth noting that though the 11j rears fit the GT3 which is a narrow body car and on a C2 you don't need to worry about mismatched fronts and rears burning out your AWD system the GT3 had rolled wheel arches to account for the wider wheels just like the GT2 did to fir 12J rears so rubbing may be a possibility if you opt for 11j rears.

Learnt all this in the process of changing all my C4S's factory Turbo Twist IIs for the Turbos hollow wheels.
Just throwing this out there but the wheel spokes are hollow .. if when refurbed by a company not used to this type and they shot blast the wheels with the tyre valve out then the material can enter the hollow spokes .

This results in a wheel that can't be balanced due to the shifting material in the spokes .

I'm sure by now every wheel refurb place knows about this as its an old issue .. but as i said ..

just throwing it out there .

wheel design is though one of my personal favorites and when doing a refurb it was one i could play with to get different designs on the spokes .

No one ever wanted a union jack on them though .. hmm .. one i would have loved to have a go at !

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