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Wheel balance/alignment


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11 Feb 2003

I have been looking at getting my wheels aligned and balanced owing to signs of ware on the rears on the outer edge. Additionally and most concerning is vibration between 60 -70 mph. I had a similar problem on my BMW that could not be sorted.

On searching the net for an answer I came across this outfit
who offer an new product ( Hunter GSP9700- first of its kind in the UK - they tell me. They are keen to get people to try it a some of their dealers and take part in press releases.

So take a look if you think you need any balancing or tyre work doing in the near future.

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If I were you (and I have no idea what car you are driving as you don't say , I assume it's a Porker) I would take it to a proven Porsche alignment expert preferably with track experience such as Autofarm or JZ Mactech

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996 c4 tip bones, your right as far as the alignment but this vibration balance is different I think

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Have you let your car stand over winter without moving it ? Flat spots result .
Can you remember hitting a pothole recently .
The balance weights are only glued on , perhaps you have lost some weights , it has happened to me .

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Thanks bones - I have recently bought the car but it has only covered about 500 miles the last six months - the wheel weights are only glued onto the turbo alloys. I think the ware on the rear tyre edge is a different issue to that of the vibration in the foot well and steering wheel between 60-70

As a point of interest I found that Tyres Northampton who are going to trialing this new balancing machine
are listed on a contacts list from another porsche bloke

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