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Wheel arch trim

John W Jones

New member
4 Feb 2007
Hello there!!

This is my first posting as a newbie and a 911 first timer.I picker her up on Friday .....a 2002 C4S.

Obviously I will be paranoid for the first month or so but had a great drive yesterday although short.

However horror of horrors........the nearside front wheel arch trim had appeared to come away from the bodywork and it was way too stiff to push back.It is overlaping when you look at it fron say 12 to 4 o'clock.The dealer is 200 miles away and he's suggested I take it local.Is this something that can be fixed in 15 minutes?Can I do it myself?I live outside Cardif

My only other problem is after spending three days clearing out the garage I can't get her in!!!

The valence hits the floor as I have an incline in the drive and there is a big dip before the garage doors.Will probably need to relay the drive with a constant curve or less of an angle.Any other ideas?

Will hopefully be a frequent visitor

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Welcome! Another man of impeccable taste...

Most annoying about the garage, as you say the best solution is probably relaying the drive, but might a ramp work in the meantime, e.g. a sturdy piece of ply/steel?

I'd run it down to the OPC Cardiff approved bodyshop, and ask them to comment on the wheelarch trim.

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Thanks for the info.

Yes ramps might do the job.......those huge metal types they use to load a transporter.................I will have to do a search unless anyone outhere has ideas where I might get some.I have tried tiles and paving stones but with no success to try and level things out.

02 '02 996 C4S Tip Arctic Silver Black Hide

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Welcome John, as Rob says another man with impeccable taste.....

Along the same lines - can you see the cans from your rear arches? Your post made me check my own car and I noticed that looking in both rear wheel arches I can see the mufflers.

I would have thought there should be some sort of wheel arch liner preventing all the road grime being thrown up on to the cans!!

Coeincidently there is a turbo in the car park today and that does have liners - I just checked - but I know it has a slightly different setup regards exhaust so maybe thats the reason.

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Mine has no liners near the cans either. Northway fitted them so I'd have thought he'd say if they were missing.

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I had the trim replaced f.o.c at Welsh Porche Centre Bridgend.......it was very straightforward and they were very helpful.

The problem was under the front wheel arch and they were able to reseat it.............maybe I should have said liner rather than trim;pardon my ignorance but what do you mean by cans?

I am now looking for a decent cover until I get the drive fixed.

Do you or can you recommend any?Tailor made or standard?

I have been searching and prices vary from £40 to £300.


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Hi John,

With regards to covers I have heard that unles you put them on a completely clean car the movement of the cover against any tiny particles of dust/grime will cover the car in small scratches.

Depending on your timescale for getting your drive fixed you might want to think about a good detail with some decent wax. Either do it yourself or pay someone like G to do it for you.

This should protect it from the elements almost as much as a car cover without the risk of scratches. Of course it will also make it much easier to clean and look good too!


PS. Stupid question I know but have you tried backing the car in?

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When I have two people who can guide me I will try reversing.I think it'll be flogging a dead horse as when the tail rises from the dip to get into the garage then the nose will hit the deck.

Can you give me a bit more details about G?

Its all new to me!!


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Welcome to the forum

When you say the front valence catches the floor, does it catch it enough to actually rip it off or just enough to make it ground out? If it is grounding out all that will happen is that you will rub some of the plastic lip away, they really do have quite a bit of flex in them. I had real problems with the standard turbo lip on my car but put a C4S one on. It still grounds out everytime I move it off the drive but apart from losing a few mm of plastic off one side it is fine. I still have the other lip spoiler to put back on the car when it is time to sell but they are quite cheap at around £150.

Got to say though that everytime I hear the grouching sound I wince :(

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Dave................it really catches!! We reversed this evening and it was better but and the exhausts almost made it in!!

Will consult a drive specialist asap.The problem I believe is fixable but it's annoying to say the least!!

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Sorry to hijack this post a bit... Robertb... mine is due at Northway this week to have the cans changed....not used Northway before...whats your experience?? PM me if you like. I have a C2 and there are no liners covering the rear cans either - maybe liners prevent sufficient cooling or something.

BTW...cans are exhaust mufflers!!

Cheers .....and welcome John

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