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What Wheel Nuts


2 Sep 2018
I know this might seem like a really basic question but never having bought a set, I thought why not ask!!

Follow advice on this forum my wheels are due to head to elite wheels for a refurb this week. Will come back silver and my wheel nuts look originals, and not the best (and I am going to say have probably been over torqued a few times).

Seems silly not to get a nice new set and a set of locking ones.

Whats the common opinion - just ring up OPC, or are they all much of a muchness or any that come recommended (not thinking I need super lightweight titanium!)

Car is a Targa 3.6, might get lost on to a track on rare occasions, but normally just normal road use.

Appreciate the input to what feels a really basic question!

If the floating collets are in good condition I'd prime/paint them 👍

I'm not a massive fan of designtek gear but my friend has some of there wheel nuts in chrome and they are decent quality 👌

Design 911 have loads of alternatives 👍
As above, prime and paint, although I just paint.

ps. They're bolts.
Thanks for the replies, doesn't seem to be a real reason to go for OEM then, the collets are quite loose on mine so I think I will go for a new set rather than tart up what I have.

Appreciate it, next post should be of lovely wheels being used on a jaunt around the Scottish Highlands!
The collets are supposed to be loose. It's when they turn to chalk and drop to bits you need to think about changing them.
I've recently just bought a full set of 20 from Spyder Performance for £60 as my collets were crumbling and the nuts were knackered. Really happy with the quality.
Bolts :wink:
I seem to remember Chris from Elite offering to paint the nuts when he returned the wheels, but did not have the paint with him.
Nuts & bolts

A few years ago, say ten, there was a huge outcry on the 993 forum (where I was with my 993C4) about counterfeit wheel nuts and bolts.

Some of them were being supplied with the wrong seating dimensions and were causing all sorts of problems.

I would stick to OE or a reputable firm's offerings....
The ones I got from Spyder Performance are exactly the right profile and dimensions - I know because I double-checked. They literally look identical to the OEM bolts!

I had Black wheels on my 996s and the bolts would get pretty shabby after 6 months so I bought a second set of genuine ones and painted them. I would simply rotate each set every 6 months. (kept both the locking sockets in the car all the time)
Loads of options out there now. Just make sure the bolts have an R14 ball seat and not a standard taper.

These are a decent option for weight saving. :wink:


I'll be honest, I just use a set of £8 black plastic nut covers off EBay, as all bolt heads deteriorate eventually.
I find black a nice contrast against silver wheels, like on the old aircooled cars.
How long are standard bolts on a 996 ?

I've got some 15mm spacers to fit to the rears, so will need some new wheel bolts to suit?

I'm guesstimating 44mm from the bottom of the ball seating cup?

I've seen the measured all sort of ways in descriptions ?
Have you considered a plastic cap?
I tidied up the bolts, then waxoiled them and found some grey/silver coloured caps on ebay which are a nice push fit on the hex and which also push over the locking nut.
Look good and no problems with corrosion.

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