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22 Aug 2005
Just finished the big clean and will take pics tomorrow.

She's been washed, clayed, cleansed and 3 coats of Glasur. I know you're never going to be able to make a silver car look as stunning as you can a dark colour but does anyone have a view on what products will bring out the best and still have a reasonable longevity?

I was thinking of trying the Glasur over some Wolfgang Pre-Wax Polish Enhancer and Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant next time, rather than HD Cleanse - or is there something better?

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I just finished a solid 12 hour shift on a Gallardo. What a car! You could try your combination, I haven't used it but see how you get on. It wont do any harm and if the results arent as good then go back to what you know best. :)

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Cheers G. No other thoughts on a silver one then?

12 hours - wow. Do you include the price of a session with your osteopath in the bill?

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Oooops, took her out for a quick thrash this afternoon and was enjoying it too much I forgot to stop and take pictures. :oops:

I'd forgotten just how much fun they can be to drive. Hendo will know the road - it goes from Edenbridge to Riverhead. It's a bit narrow in places but has loads of really tight 2nd gear corners. Cut them in tight, let the back start to drift out mid corner then nail the throttle and you find yourself standing on the brakes just in time to do it all again. :D :D :D

Who needs pictures - I've got THE grin

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You could try Zaino or Carlack68 glaze then several coats of Carlack69 Acryl Wax.

IMHO you are wasting your time with a carnauba wax on light colours as I have been there and done that so to speak. Better to go for the high technology modern option as it will give a better finish and is also more durable.

I am actually using the Carlack68 products on my own car and then topping off with carnauba wax and it gives an incredible finish.

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Where do you get the Carlack68 stuff from William?

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Seagull on 01 May 2006

Where do you get the Carlack68 stuff from William?
From here:

Its the same as the Klasse gear. I specifically use this on Silver cars. I used it on 911silverback's car.

I use zaino as well but only after paint correction. It seems to magnify the blemishes but looks AWESOME on flawless paintwork. Come to thick of it, I use quite a few different combinations.

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G Unit,

Fantastic, somewhere in the UK that stocks Sonus products. I had been buying all my products from the US, all I have to do now is check whether it is cheaper to buy in the UK or continue to import from America.

Either way good to know that it is now available over here.

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Interesting as I've got the same problem with getting a decent finish on Mrs Eff's car, and my car as well come to think of it. She has a two tone MINI Cooper with a black roof and pillars and the rest of the body (the car's not hers!) is a light green metallic. Using clay and Zymol I get a fantastic shine on the roof, but the rest of the body although clean just does not shine in the same way. Looks like an opportunity to spend some more money on car cleaning products dammit . . .

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