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What to Buy ?


New member
9 May 2003

Morning everyone

Heres a good one for you to think about today!

I have been contemplating the purchase of a 911 for a while now, and have received a lot of usefull info from you guys over the last few months.

However, I still can't make my mind up!

I have always wanted a 911 and will soon be in a position to afford a weekend car as I have a company BMW for everything else (please! no comments about BMW drivers)

So far I have test drove a 964, 993 and 996 in that order.

For me, I fit best in a 996 but they are a bit out of my price range at the moment.

I found the off set pedals and legroom a bit of a problem in the 964 but not as bad in the 993 or did I imagine it, or just knew what to expect?

So! some advice please.

Should I take a look at an early 3.2 Carrera as a stepping stone? or buy a 964 or 993 sooner or wait to buy a 996.

Most of its life will be spent in the garage, I would not have the heart to thrash it round a track.

I know this may stir up a hornets nest between owners of each model type, but any constructive advice would be greatly appreciated.

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If it's just a weekend car what about going back even further and buying an older 2.7 ?

Horses for courses really. Depends what you want it for.

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I wanted something that would be a little bit civalised to drive. Thats why I thought something from the mid eighties on?

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Presuming you want right hand drive, the most comfortable will be the 996. But that is not the only criteria.

What about budget? Will the Missus drive? In which case the pas cars will be better. Are you a fuss pot? if so an older but 'show quality' car may be better. Consider too things like a Turbo II 964, they are not a fire breathing monster but a very refined and interesting bit of kit.

Seat height is another comfort factor, some can be lowered (but sport seats are the lowest in all), seat length can be increased in many (see additional holes behind the fixings).

I think you are spoiled for choice, dont do anything until you fall in love!

Adrian Crawford. 911secrets.com performance2and4.co.uk

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If it were me then I'd probably go for a 964 as a weekend car.

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I have a 3.2 Carrera as a weekend car and am very happy with it. Makes a lovely noise, is quick enough to be fun without being quick enough to intimidate and is supposedly the best built most reliable one. But some of the reasons for this is there is no pas, abs, air con, airbags etc to go wrong! I fancied a 993 I must admit but couldnt really justify spending all that money to sit in the garage and do nothing most of the time.


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Ray. Can you define exactly what your requirements are for the car? For example, if you want it only as a weekend car I am surprised that "comfort" is a prime consideration. If you can define exactly what you want out of the car we can give better advice about what would be the best fit.

Double guessing your requirements I would suggest a Carrera 3.2 ClubSport as a great weekend car. The simplicity of a 3.2 but a little but special. You should be able to find one for about £25k, maybe a bit less, but they are quite rare so you might have to hunt for one for a while.

Cheers, James

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Also, I am not sure a mid-80's 3.2 is that much more refined than say a '74 Carrera 2.7. The only real differences are the engine (and the 2.7 Carrera engine is arguably a lot more entertaining), brakes and AC. Suspension is similar, brakes are both non-ABS (although the 3.2 has servo-assistance), neither has power steering etc etc.

If I had £20k for a weekend car and had a garage I would get a Carrera 2.7, a 3.2 Clubsport or (if I could find a few more quid) a 964 RS. If you want comfort and power (rather than rawness) a Turbo would be very fun.

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Thanks everyone for your input

In answer to Adrians thoughts I was thinking of something a little older a 3.2 or 964 perhaps but in super condition, mileage not important.

The Longhair would not be driving so PAS is not a consideration but leg room most certainly is!

Budget wise I was looking at 15-18K in 6-9 months or wait 18-24 months and find an early RHD 996 for 28-30K (assuming the prices have come down to that by then) or perhaps a 993 somewhere in between.

In answer to James regarding comfort I ment leg room really. PAS, ride, roadnoise, air bags etc are not a problem.

Simon a question for you. As you only use your 3.2 at the weekends do you have any issues with the battery running flat during the week, as I have heard this can be a problem?

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The pedals are a lot less offset in left-hand drive cars, so this might be the answer for you. £18k should get you a LHD 3.2 Clubsport - blueprinted engine, lightweight car (no rear seats though) and something of an unsung hero in the 911 world. It would also get you a very nice '87-'89 standard 3.2, but may not be enough for the best of the RHD 964's.

To my mind a 996 is non really a weekend car though. It is designed to be a much better GT/daily commuter than earlier cars so personally I would not aim for a 996 if you want a weekend-only car.

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Only bought the car this year so the longest its been without being started is probably about ten days. But no problems there.

Paul Devyea (specialist who sold me the car) reckoned 2-3 weeks shouldnt be a problem but suggested a trickle charger might be a good plan over winter when it could end up being left for 2 weeks or more.


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Thanks for all the ideas guys.

I will have to see what I can find

Cheers Ray

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Ray what is your budget? Here are some suggestions for certain budgets:

£20k-LHD 993

£25k-964 RS or turbo(civilised-RHD 993)

£30k-LHD 964 3.6 turbo(civilised-very nice 993)

£35k-LHD 993 RS(civilised-cheap 996, or very nice 993 C4S)

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Noony, where are you getting the figures from? I think they are a little low - you probably have to pay a little more than you suggest.


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I admit for the 3.6 turbo that figure is probably optimistic. But formula fuchs had one for £29,995.
had a red 993 RS LHD for £35k. RSJ have a LHD 993 C2 for around £20k. We all know £30k can get you a nice standard 993. Our own old 993 with 65k miles and serviced only at OPCs went for under £25k, condition wasn't spectacular though, a couple of dents. I guess £35k is a bit low for a very nice C4S. Many 996s are around for £35k or under.

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