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what the hell do i buy?????


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11 Feb 2012
hi all, couple of years ago i bought my first car. it was just a 996 porker. really enjoyed using it but due to where i live it was getting eaten alive by mice wtf!
due to it being sat outside and mice treating it like a hilton hotel.... but free... it had to be sold

ive still been wanting to replace it and have built a new extended workshop just so ive got a bed for the new car.
money wise im looking at 35-40k
so for that price ive narrowed down to

a rarther new-ish 911 na as nowadays the carrera S is making almost as much power as a old turbo motor.
pluses for me is i actually prefer the look of a carrera over a turbo.

a older turbo 911. the plus is the power, power, power... still reliable enough however im really not a fan of big bodykits and chrome rims

audi r8, i never even thought about one of these until i saw one on display when we flew into manchester. my friend keeps going on about these things. anyone ever drove one? they look quite nice, theres not many of them about, quite reliable. not sure they will be as cheap to own as the porsche and i dont think and from the front it just looks like a audi TT

then theres the outside choice which gives me butterflies. ferrari 360. theres a few out there for under 40k and still with low miles and full history. it seems they a quite reliable (for a ferrari), will be safe money to the point where if i own it for 10 years the chances are it will be worth more then than ill be paying for it now. some parts are eyewatering in price but theres doesnt seem to be too many issues with this model.

the car will cover maybe 3-5000 miles per year.
i dont do track days, it will just be road use. im used to motorbikes and had everything worth having. i always felt my 996 needed another 100 bhp to be exciting.
im not bothered about with one laps cadwell park fastest, just something thats pretty to look at, goes well on the road and exciting

any of you guys lived with these?
Calling AnotherGT2! He's owned an R8 so can give you the low-down. I once had a rat nesting in the engine bay of my 996!

£35-40k will buy you a very low mileage late 997.1 or an early high mileage 997.2. The second Gen cars have the more robust engine of course.

~ Maxie
With £40k to spend I'd go for a late 2008 Gen2 'S' car or a slightly older Turbo and I'd forget the rest.

Good luck :thumb:
T8 said:
With £40k to spend I'd go for a late 2008 Gen2 'S' car or a slightly older Turbo and I'd forget the rest.

Good luck :thumb:

If you can stand the servicing costs, I'd go for the 360 if F-cars do it for you. Certainly more exciting than a 911, and it certainly ticks all your boxes.
amazingly, the f360 is the cheapest Insurance too. 33yr old and £340 fully comp....... yet my rubbish van which is worth £500, if you include the contents is still almost £500. what are they sniffing?????

on the other hand im really being pulled to a carrera S.
the missus says if i get the f360 she wont go in it, which depending on her mood may be a good thing lol
T8 said:
With £40k to spend I'd go for a late 2008 Gen2 'S' car or a slightly older Turbo and I'd forget the rest.

Good luck :thumb:

To be fair, for £40k you can have my '58 C2S PDK with plenty of goodies, I've been thinking of putting it up for sale again for a while.
Here is some further food for thought....

I would disregard F as given previous feedback they sound much less reliable comparatively plus running cost-wise it sounds like it is in a different category, I.e. Much higher.

Now, I will be changing my P in next few months and have a similar dilemma between P Gen 2 or R8. So been looking also at prices and what is interesting is that R8 price does not seem to drop below £40k, also quite a few are Cat D, so I am not sure of the driving experience but is this one not a better choice from depreciation point of view? Anyone, any thoughts?

I looked at R8 prices around 6 months ago and there was none worth having below £42k and I look at it now, still tye same case!

Hello, just my tuppence worth.

Very lucky to have both a 997.2 C4S and a R8 V8.

Both make me smile, but in different ways. :)

If I could have only one, would have the Porker every time because :-

- suspension on 911 significantly superior
- steering has pin-point accuracy on the 911, less so on the R8
- 911 can be taken anywhere, whereas have to be more selective with the R8 because of the positive and negative attention it attracts
- the R8 has an unproven brand image/heritage and lacks the authenticity of the 911

So for what it is worth, a 911 ever time over the R8. :thumbs:
thanks for the input. well just by some research it seems as though the audi might end up costing more in breakdowns than the f360.

i dont want a turbo 911 just purely on the looks. its just not for me.
so that leaves a f360 or a 911 3.8 S. im going to try book some form of test drive. id even thought of booking a f360 for the day. drive it round town just to see if its true that people shout '*****!!!' as you go by.

i know on paper the newer 911 has 80hp more than the old 996 i had. how do they feel back to back? will it have the extra excitement im after?
With £40k to spend I'd go for a late 2008 Gen2 'S' car or a slightly older Turbo and I'd forget the rest.


A Gen 2 911 997 will tick all your boxes. Reliable, great looking, and cost-effective compared to the F360. I hear you re: Turbo, superior engine but the big, bold looks can be a slight turn-off.

£35k - £40k will fetch you a lovely 997.2.
yep, thats settled then. would a nice exhaust liberate a few more ponies too? that surely would close the gap between the more powerful cars too.

with the n/a motor making so much power now, and you get reliability too..... its such a hard combination to beat. imagine how many people would be driving f360's if they built them like a 911?

well, next question. anyone seen a nice one in the lincs area?
Thanks for the feedback DRZ911.

By the way your user name is very close to my number plate! :grin:

Penny just dropped.

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