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what phone options do i require

Alex Guess

New member
15 Aug 2005
I'm in the process of finalising the specification of options for a Cayman. Unfortunately the options list (it covers the the Boxter, Cayman S and 911) is not very descriptive.

Basically I want to be able to use my Nokia 6230 as a car phone. I know BMW's have nice handy bluetooth preparation, do Porche's have a similar factory fitted option?

The option list talks of Telephone module for PCM (£523) and Handsets for telephone modules (£142) but a) what are these and b) what's a PCM ?

This is being bought through a lease hire company as a company car, so talking to a dealer is a big of a nightmare at this stage.


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PCM= allows you to put your sim card into the car phone (the comms system)

Handset = a handset

i think! (?) anyway I've got the older 911, so all these gadgets are new to me !

and Yes you do need it .. PCM is a MUST ! because 1. Integrated navigation/communication systems are becoming a 'must have' option in prestige cars 2. It looks nice, is fairly intuitive to operate and is very useful when needed 3. The phone module works surprisingly well 4. The extra cost will probably be refected in the re-sale value of the car (some cars X5s, M3s etc are harder to sell without the Comms Pack)

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So it sounds like the inbuilt all singing comms kit requires you to take out the sim card from your normal mobile phone and place it into the car every time you want to use it or use a dual SIM system depending on your mobile company ?

This sounds a PITA especially as I don't really get on well with those dual SIM systems from orange. It's a pain to remember to do the switch.

Now I come to think of it, a friend has a Cayenne and he's got a dual SIM option.

Resale value is not an issue as it's a company car.

Does anyone know if there's a bluetooth option so that I can just continue to use my Nokia handset (with my phone book, etc) in or out of the car ?

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you could get the Nokia retro fit Blue tooth kit, cost about £150 plus fitting, but you have to use the handset key pad to make calls ( you still listen and speak hands free)

i know the BMW bluetooth system takes the phones memories and displays them on the "tv screen"

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If memory serves me correctly, the sat nav is about £1700 then another £500 for the phone. Which as you say isn't a "kit" to go with your phone but a "phone" to put your sim in. PITA indeed.

I'm not bothering and saving myself £2200. Find it hard to believe resale will be affected by more than this.

For around £470 you can get a TomTom Go 500 portable sat-nav which also acts as a bluetooth handsfree kit which is compatible with various phones including the nokia you mention. Its speaker is pretty loud and clear and volume is auto adjusted for speed you are travelling. Only pain is you have to manually turn the stereo off/down before you pick up a call. But you do get a nice big touch screen to be controlling the phone with. You can also set it up to warn of speed cameras so whilst it does mean a box on the dashboard I look at it as being instead of a road angel or whatever.


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thanks all for your input it's all been very useful.

I've also found out that if you retro fit a 3rd party kit (e.g. the rather useful nokia bluetooth
http://www.nokia.co.uk/nokia/0,,68900,00.html) you can't get it to cut into the sound system and make use of it's speakers if you have Bose fitted :(
I can't justify the expense of Sat Nav just for the odd phone call, it would probably get used once a year and that would just be to to show mates how to get from works car park to the nearest pub :)

I think I'll just see how it goes, maybe have a regular handsfree headset available and see how much I actually use a phone in the car. if it's often then retro fit a 3rd party solution.

thanks again,


btw, for those interested the Cayman is on order and i'm being told end of Q1 2006 for delivery so hopefully March :D

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On my 997 I've gone for the sat nav, but without the phone module. Having to put a SIM card in every time would be a real pain and my mobile company don't do dual SIMs. In terms of resale, the general opinion is that sat nav is a must have option.

As someone who has watched the used market for 997s, before deciding to order one to my own spec for virtually the same money, the poorer spec cars do hang around for longer. 95% of 997s have it. My take on the phone module is that in a few years technology will have moved on and it will have been a waste of £500.

Wait for the Cayman not as bad as I thought ....

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