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What Petrol Do You Use?


21 Jun 2003
Just wondered what petrol you all used for your cars, normal unleaded or Super Unleaded ? Since getting the car I've just used normal unleaded and it runs fine, but just want to make sure I'm not causing any lasting damage.

Also, heard some people say that Shell Optimax is the best. I'd be willing to pay the extra if someone could tell me why its better for the car, surely petrol is petrol.

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I've been using Shell Optimax for about 18 months now on various cars, and it is more noticable on some more than others.

Go for Optimax, I believe it keeps your valves cleaner for longer (ops, am I believe the Shell marketing hype!)

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We've always used super unleaded for our porsches.

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ive heard Shell and Texaco do the best regular unleaded. added vitamins :?
and the like.

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I use optimax as I believe it's the highest ron at 98 and has the various keep clean additives etc. The marginal cost over normal unleaded might seem steep for petrol but is surely a fraction of the cost of running a porsche. Then again I think I must've owned a boxster and/or cut hair in a previous life as I get 30mpg!


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30mpg! We get 13 on the work and school run and all the other trips the bank gym and indian etc he makes in the porsche during the day/evening. Pretty crap, but I guess the old 993 must have been worse, just had no OBC to tell us how poor fuel consumption was!

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Yeah I know 30 mpg's nothing to be very proud of is it! My excuse is I never use it round town etc, just take it out for a spin at the weekend for fun or maybe go away in it if not much stuff to take and not in a hurry.


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I've religiously used optimax before, but when I bought my newish 996, they told me not to bother and use normal unleaded.

so I do....

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We have pretty poor fuel down here in Aus, and my 77 Carrera needs super (that's what it's called down here, you know, that stuff with lead in it, well now its that awful lead replacement sludge) but I have found I can run Premium Unleaded or Optimax with a product called Flashlube [http://www.etagas.co.uk/Flashlube Valve Saver.htm] and it makes a noticable improvement.

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Optimax made a big difference to my previous M3 Evo: Smoother running, better performance, (2 or 3) more mpg - so I'm a convert and always use it.

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I used optimax once and found that my 993 ran like school custard. BP super unleaded has her purring like a bond girl with connery.

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Cheers guys, looks like there's some mixed opinons and its good to hear that there is no mention of damage by using normal unleaded.

Will probably have a bash with this Optimax lark.

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In my old SC I've tried just about everything , I find supermarket fuel is usually the cheapest but can make the engine feel a little flat although I've never heard that rattling sound you get with pre-ignition and crap fuel. Optimax is a definate improvement on standard petrol, definately a bit more go with that stuff. Super unleaded seems to be usually the same as unleaded. Some of these judgements we make about these products are influenced by us wanting to believe the claims of the manufacturers and thus improve our lives in some small way. For instance last time I changed my SC's oil I used Castrol Magnetec which is supposed to coat the bores with magnetic particles and hence form a tighter and more protective contact with the pistons and rings. When I first drove it I swear the engine felt smoother and quicker, but did it really?
It's a bit like the David Blaine 'event' we've been told he's in the box but is he really, maybe it's all done with cameras? The power of suggestion makes us believe he is there whether he is or not.....

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If I'm going to do a long motorway run when I'll use the whole tankful and where economy rather then performance is the issue, I use ordinary unleaded. Otherwise, it's super or, when I can get it, Optimax.

No problems so far, I have to say.

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